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Diretide 2021: Halloween In DOTA 2

Even before DOTA 2 shook off the "beta" tag, Valve had presented the iconic Diretide event to celebrate Halloween. The first iteration of Diretide was presented to players in 2012 and needless to say, it became a hit amongst everyone was a part of the closed beta.

In the following year, Valve released Diretide's second iteration after DOTA 2 full launch. As many had expected, the event was an instant hit amongst players and many looked forward to its third iteration in 2014.

Unfortunately, Valve never released a new iteration of Diretide for the next six years. Having said that, Diretide's third iteration was finally released in 2020. Be it the specific diretide game mode or the plethora of new cosmetics, the event became a massive hit amongst DOTA 2 players.

Given that Diretide made a return in 2020, it is widely expected that the iconic Halloween event will be making a return in 2021 with its fourth iteration.

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When is Diretide 2021

All three editions of Diretide has been held during the spooky season of Halloween. Here are the dates on which Diretide was released in the past.

  • 30th October 2012
  • 14th November 2013
  • 29 October 2020

Having said that, it is expected that Diretide 2021 could be released either in late-October or early-November. Given that The International (TI) 10 was rescheduled to be held in October due to issues about the venue, Valve could release Diretide 2021 along with the post-TI patch update.

Considering the fact that TI10 ends on 17th October, it is almost the perfect time to release DOTA 2's Halloween event for players. Additionally, it would also help the community in overcoming the usual post-TI depression which kicks in every year.

Diretide 2021 Game Mode

Diretide has always featured a custom game mode where players are pitted in two teams. This game mode features a bunch of additional modifications and changes from a traditional game of DOTA 2. On top of that, Valve has previously made modifications to the custom game mode from previous iterations.

Having said that, earlier this year, dataminers came across certain files related to Greevils. For the uninitiated, Greevils and Greevil Taffys have a major role in the Diretide custom game mode. With that in mind, Valve could be planning to implement various changes to the game mode of Diretide 2021.

New Skins in Diretide 2021

Although there has been no official release from Valve regarding the release of Diretide 2021, the developers have confirmed that there will be a second Battle Pass this year. Given that the Nemestice Battle Pass was released in June, the second Battle Pass could be introduced as a part of Diretide 2021.

Given that Diretide has always featured a ton of cosmetics for players to unlock or purchase, it is safe to say that the fourth iteration of the Halloween-themed event will also follow suit. However, until and unless Valve confirms Diretide's fourth iteration, all the possible contents for the Battle Pass remains a mystery.

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