DOTA 2 Update 7.31 Pre-release Patch Notes: Release Delayed, Hero Changes, Diretide, and More!

Credit: Image via Valve

Credit: Image via Valve

With The International 10 coming to an end on 17th October, the entire DOTA 2 community is eagerly waiting for the post-TI patch to release. Valve has always maintained a tradition of releasing major updates after the end of either a Major or The International. With that in mind, the post-TI patch for 2021 will be releasing very shortly.

Subsequently, update 7.31 is expected to feature a bunch of in-game balancing changes after the display of top-tier DOTA 2 during TI. While heroes like Tiny, Lycan, and the Spirits found themselves being drafted in almost every game, former fan-favorite heroes like Pudge, Meepo, and several others were completely ignored throughout the tournament.

Considering these factors, it is safe to assume that there will be quite a few balancing changes in DOTA 2 update 7.31. However, update 7.31 will not just be limited to in-game balancing changes as the release of Marci, Diretide, and the second Battle Pass of 2021 is also expected to release with the patch.

Without further ado, let's dive in and take a look at everything that you need to know about the upcoming 7.31 update in DOTA 2.

Latest News

29 October 2021 -

While the entire community was waiting for a game-changing update in the form of 7.31, Valve, like always, has surprised the entire community with the 7.30e sub-patch. Although Marci has been released with the sub-patch, there is no sign of either Diretide or the second Battle Pass of 2021.

Having said that, it could be the case that Valve didn't want to risk the servers by releasing a ton of new content at the same time. Hence, sub-patch 7.30e could very likely be setting up for the massive in-flow of new content with Diretide and/or the second Battle Pass of the year.

28 October 2021 -

With less than 72 hours to go before Halloween, it is highly expected that update 7.31 will release along with Diretide 2021 and Marci. Having said that, it seems like only a matter of hours before the update is eventually released with a bunch of new in-game content for players to enjoy.

Additionally, it'll be very exciting to see the new immortal and mythical tier cosmetics that will be featured in the upcoming Battle Pass. On top of that, the entire community is also eagerly waiting for Faceless Void to finally receive his well deserved Arcana cosmetic.

27 October 2021 -

Although it has been over 10 days since Team Spirit lifted the Aegis of Champions, Valve is yet to make any announcements regarding the release of update 7.31. Despite the schedule for the upcoming DPC Season being leaked, the developers are in no visible rush to release the post-TI patch.

Nevertheless, given that there is a second Battle Pass scheduled for release in 2021, it is safe to say that the update could be right around the corner. Considering the release of Diretide on 29th October in 2020, the 7.31 update could release on the same date along with Diretide 2021.

25 October 2021 -

Given that it has been over a week since the final of TI10, the post-TI patch could be releasing at any given moment. However, with a new hero as well as Diretide being speculated with patch 7.31, it is safe to say that Valve could take a couple of days more than expected to finetune the patch before its release.

Having said that, it is very likely that the upcoming patch will release during the course of this week with Halloween being only a few days away.

Release Date

Given that Diretide was released on 29th October in 2020, it is very likely that update 7.31 containing the Diretide 2021 Battle Pass will release in the last week of October. This means that the update could be released anytime between 25th to 29th October.

Diretide 2021 in DOTA 2

Valve had announced earlier this year that DOTA 2 will host two separate Battle Passes in 2021. While the first one, Nemestice was a major success, it remains to be seen how the second Battle Pass of 2021 performs in DOTA 2.

Given that we are already in the final quarter of 2021, it is highly expected that the second Battle Pass of 2021 will feature the Diretide event. Additionally, the upcoming cosmetics and treasures that will be released with the upcoming 7.31 update remain a huge mystery at this point.

Possible Updates and Changes

Considering the terrific performance of certain heroes at TI10, it is safe to say that IceFrog would want to reevaluate the workings of various heroes in the upcoming update. Here are some of our top pick heroes who are most likely to receive either a nerf or buff in the upcoming update.

Probable Nerfs in Update 7.31

  • Tiny
  • Lycan
  • Magnus
  • Bane
  • Void Spirit

Probable Buffs in Update 7.31

  • Morphling
  • Luna
  • Invoker
  • Techies
  • Meepo

Apart from these probable changes, update 7.31 is also supposed to feature the release of a new hero, Marci.

Marci in DOTA 2

Ever since the release of the DOTA Dragon's Blood anime on Netflix, Marci has turned into one of the fan-favorite characters for the community. With that in mind, Valve is attempting to direct a major part of the viewer base to play the game by introducing Marci as the latest hero in DOTA 2.

Although Valve has officially revealed that Marci will be released during the Fall of 2021, it is highly expected that the hero will be released in update 7.31.

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