DOTA 2 ESL One Summer 2021 Day 2: Results, Scores, And More!

Day 2 of the DOTA 2 ESL One Summer was filled with DOTA 2 game plays in the six matches that we saw. But at the end of the day, four teams have been eliminated from the competition and would not continue their tournament journey.

T1 vs

SEA’s T1 pulled off a sweep against from EU, finishing game 1 in 40 minutes and game 2 in 46 minutes. Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon led the charge for T1 which eventually sent down the lower bracket to face Team Unique from Russia later that night.

Quincy Crew vs Tundra Esports

The second match of day 2 saw Quincy Crew from NA vs Tundra Esports from EU, where the former bested the latter in a come from behind win, closing out the series 2-1. Tundra Esports went down the lower bracket to set about with SA’s AS Monaco Gambit.

Team Nigma vs Team Secret

EU’s Team Nigma faced off Team Secret from SEA in day 2’s first lower bracket match and third overall. Game 1 was won by Team Secret in just 31 minutes, but Team Nigma managed to come back and won game 2 in 42 minutes and continued to dominate game 3 in a quick 22-minute match to seal the deal and eliminate Team Secret from the competition.

OG vs Team Liquid

Two EU teams have fought for one spot in the ESL One Summer in the fourth overall match of day 2. OG went head-to-head against Team Liquid, but it was the former who prevailed and nabbed the overall series win after establishing a 2-0 performance to eliminate Team Liquid from the tournament.

AS Monaco Gambit vs Tundra Esports

Russia's AS Monaco Gambit stayed alive in the tournament after sweeping Tundra Esports, 2-0, in 39 minutes and 43 minutes. Tundra Esports has become the third team that had bid goodbye to the competition. vs Team Unique

The final match of day 2 saw vs Team Unique, where the former won two straight games in 32 minutes and 33 minutes, respectively, eventually eliminating Team Unique in the process.

DOTA 2 ESL One Summer Day 2 Aftermath

The upper bracket semi-finals will now be T1 vs Quincy Crew and vs Alliance, where the losers will go down the lower bracket.

As for the lower bracket where all matches will be do-or-die, it will be AS Monaco Gambit vs and Team Nigma vs OG. The winners of these matches would advance to face the losers of the upper bracket semis.

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