Dolmen Co-Op - How To Play With Friends

Image of the player character fighting a spider creature in Dolmen.

The sci-fi soulslike Dolmen is almost here, and carries plenty of horror undertones within its story. If you're a little squeamish and want to take on the Lovecraftian horrors of Dolmen with a friend in tow, then you'll be glad to learn that the game has an extensive co-op system. In this guide, we'll explain the Dolmen co-op, so you're ready to dive in with a partner.

In this Dolmen guide, we'll break down the steps to let you play co-operatively. We'll also explore the reasons why you may want to play multiplayer in Dolmen, because the game doesn't make it immediately apparent.

Elsewhere, feel free to check out our guide to Dolmen's length, so you know just how much time you'll need to dedicate to beating the game. That's on top of a guide to the Dementula boss, which is the first major battle you'll have in the game.

How Do I Play Co-Op in Dolmen?

To play the co-op mode in Dolmen, you'll first need to have made your way to the first save point. It's not too far into the game, and you'll recognise it as a glowing spire that gives you the option to teleport to the ship, or across the map.

Once you're on your ship, head to the top floor and speak to Seba. From there, you have the option to respawn bosses, or play multiplayer. You can either join an existing session, or create a new one for up to three friends to join.

Then wait for everyone to dive in, and you can take on the intergalactic horror with partners in tow.

Image of the co-op lobby menu in Dolmen.
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What Are The Benefits of Dolmen Co-Op?

We should make it clear that Dolmen's co-op isn't available in all parts of the game. Unlike other soulslikes such as Bloodborne or Elden Ring, you can't explore the open world and kill low-level grunts with friends. In Dolmen, co-op is only available for boss replays.

Yes, the only time you can fight alongside a partner is when taking on bosses you've defeated before, in a sort of arcade mode. Doing so has some utility, letting you farm the resources needed to craft high-level weapons. That said, it'll require three Dolmen Crystals to activate the boss replay, and they're a reasonably scarce commodity. On top of that, teammates won't get it recorded as a win if you defeat the boss - only the host reaps the rewards.

As such, if you were expecting anything more than brief glimpses of co-op, you won't find it in Dolmen. Co-op mechanics do exist, but they're limited to very brief snippets of gameplay, rather than the entire thing.

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