How To Beat Dolmen Dementula Boss

Image of the Dementula boss in Dolmen.

The first boss you'll encounter in the sci-fi soulslike Dolmen is Dementula, a hulking spider. Up until that point in the game, you'll only have faced reasonably low-level grunts, so your first taste of a proper boss battle can be a steep difficulty spike. As such, we've got some tips on how to beat the Dolmen Dementula boss, to claim the accolade of felling your first boss.

In this Dolmen guide, we'll walk you through the Dementula boss battle, so you know exactly what to expect when it rolls around. On top of that, we'll give you some tips on the best strategy for the fight, because it can be a challenge for newcomers to Dolmen.

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How to Find Dementula Boss in Dolmen

You come across the Dementula boss in the first level of Dolmen, after clearing through the mines and passing to a cavern covered in spider webs. You'll be able to tell if you've reached the boss because there's a save point in the room before, a clear indication that several respawns could be on the way.

Once you go through the cavern, you'll get a location indicator on the HUD showing that you're entering Dementula's cave. Walk inside, and it'll drop from the ceiling, ready to try and take you down.

Image of the player character fighting the Dementula boss in Dolmen.
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Dolmen Dementula Boss Guide

The best strategy is to activate your ice attacks, by hitting the Triangle button on PlayStation, or your platform's equivalent. Dementula is particularly vulnerable to ice attacks, which can also stack to do passive frost damage. Your regular energy attacks are considerably less powerful, so ice is the way to go.

With your ice attack active, get up close to Dementula and spam as many heavy attacks as you can. Be sure to leave some stamina in your blue bar however, because when it prepares an attack (indicated by a red arrow) you'll want to dodge out of the way.

As you wait for your stamina to passively replenish, strafe around the nest, taking out the smaller spiders it spawns at several phases throughout the fight. It's not really worth using your laser gun in this fight, because a flurry of ice melee attacks is much more effective. Equally, since it doesn't flinch when damaged, ranged attacks really aren't worth the energy they expend.

Repeat the process of healing up, replenishing stamina, and landing ice attacks, and you should be able to defeat Dementula after a few tries. It's not a simple fight by any means, but focusing on frost attacks will ensure you can do it without toiling for too long.

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