DNF Duel: Vanguard Moveset Revealed

Neople and Arc System Works has recently released the latest trailer for the eighth character in Dungeon Fighter duel. This fighting game will be having the Vanguard who wields a spear in battle. This new character looks versatile in reach and can move around fairly well even while wielding a large weapon.

How Will This Character Play?

In the original Dungeon Fighter Online, the Vanguard is a Demonic Lancer subclass that focuses on slower heavy hitting strikes that impair foes from moving. The unique system about this character is that the Vanguard can link his normal attacks with his stronger skills.

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DNF Duel: Vanguard Moveset Revealed

However, the Vanguard's unique skill system looks like a regular feature in Dungeon Fighter Duel. However, it is undeniable that the Vanguard showcases a different strength when applied to this fighting game. In Dungeon Fighter Duel, the Vanguard fights with a versatile strength that allows him to relentlessly strike his foes from close to far ranges.

Potentially, the Vanguard could be a character that thrives in keeping his foes at midrange where his spear attacks work best. When in his optimal range, opponents must be careful and respect his range unless they want to get caught in his massive swings.

Aside from wide attacks, the Vanguard can also be an all-arounder as he also combo foes from the air with a special move. Players with great fighting game fundamentals may appreciate Vanguard's strengths and moveset.

After the Vanguard's reveal, it's highly possible that the remaining two new characters could be unveiled before the DNF Duel Open Beta starts on December 17.

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