DNF Duel: Dragon Knight Moveset Revealed, First Puppet Character Confirmed

Neople and Arc System Works' confirmed Dragon Knight is the 7th character in Dungeon Fighter Duel. However, she's not just bringing herself and weapons to a fight, she's got a pet dragon who helps her out too.

Potentially, she could be a complicated character to play, and here's what we've seen so far.

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How Will This Character Play

Alongside a fiery and flashy movement, Dragon Knight appears to be DNF Duel's resident puppet character for this fighting game. Historically, these characters have a separate secondary character on screen that assists players in laying down the pressure or continued combos with their own attacks.

However, this character archetype's problem is that they can be difficult to use initially. Players often control both their character and pet to make their combos work, meaning they may struggle when forced to play solo. It's currently unknown if Neople and Arc System Works will make Dragon Knight a simpler pet character to pick up and fight against on release.

A Few More Reveals

Dragon Knight's reveal trailer was released shortly after a second wave of character reveals began. Following on from the Hitman, three more characters are left to be confirmed.

If this existing pattern of daily gaps between reveals continues, fans and players could see most of the confirmed characters before Dungeon Fighter Duel's upcoming open beta. That'll go live on PlayStation consoles from December 17.

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