DNF Duel: Striker Gameplay Showcased

Neople and Arc System Works have revealed their fourth character trailer for DNF Duel, focusing on the Striker.

This character is another martial arts fighter who specializes in striking fast and stringing her combos together. Her showcase features some of her special moves that made it in this fighting game.

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How This Character Is Going To Play

At first glance from her trailer, Striker's attacks feel less explosive compared to her peers. The striker has an honest approach toward finishing her fights, as she mostly relies on landing her feet and fists. Overall, she could be the most "normal" fighter in this game.

Potentially, Striker could be a great beginner character that can showcase the look of offense with her combo potential, through these special moves.

More Of A Brawler

Striker fits well as a brawler archetype, providing aa complete set of offensive tools to run toward her foes and deliver a beating if she gets close enough. Based on the reveal, her special moves are:

  • Vertical uppercut
  • Spinning tornado kick
  • Diving kick
  • Special roundhouse kick
  • Special sweeping kick
  • "Tetsuzanko"/shoulder charge attack

While she has numerous special strikes, she lacks a fireball or any visible moves that can assist her in closing the gap to her foes.

This skillset builds up Striker as a major threat when she gets close to her foes, as her tools can hit openings in their opponent's defence. She can turn the tables if she gets rushed down, stringing all of these moves together in a long combo.

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