DNF Duel: Grappler Moveset Showcased

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Neople and Arc System Works have revealed Grappler's moveset in DNF Duel. The Grappler is a subclass route that the Male Fighter can take, focused on grabbing and slamming foes in his close combat fighting style. The reveal showcases some of his moves in this fighting game.

How This Character Is Going To Play

As seen in his official trailer, Grappler unsurprisingly follows the grappler archetype in fighting games. Grappler has many moves that involve getting at point blank range, landing a command throw that players can only evade to avoid taking damage.

However, this Grappler doesn't look to have the speed and mobility problems, as some of his special moves see him leap and shoulder charge towards foes. Surprisingly, he also has a dedicated launcher that could help start and continue his combos, making him less reliant on landing his signature throws to win. Most grapplers in fighting games often have sluggish movement, compensating for their devastating options if they get close to their foes.

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A Grappler's Close Range Arsenal

Additionally, Grappler's command throws in this game can be advantageous to him, letting him throw his foes toward to the corner to limit their movement or launch them up for more combos. Lastly, he also has a cinematic super attack where he'll launch rapid strikes on a caught foe, finishing with a strong flying kick.

Presently, only the Striker and Ranger character are left to have their movesets revealed, as DNF Duel only has five characters on its roster currently.

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