DNF Duel: Ranger Moveset Revealed

After revealing the previous characters, Ranger is the last DNF Duel fighter to receive a gameplay showcase.

With two revolvers and a stylish fighting style, newcomers to this game will be sure to remember the Ranger's attacks. Even with firearms, this character is far from reliant on his gun's range to beat foes.

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How This Character Is Going To Play

Ranger's trailer showcases this character's over-the-top personality, who often quips one-liners in a foreign tongue amongst the other Korean speaking characters. Sporting a stylish shooting style with his two revolvers, he employs explosives and acrobatics to juggle his foes.

Potentially, Ranger outwardly looks like a zoner character, capitalizing their range advantage to attack their foes and keeping out of harm's way. However, the original Ranger character in Dungeon Fighter Online is a close to mid-range fighter who utilizes his guns for stylish combos, rather than a tactical advantage.

High Risk, High Reward Combo Zoner

If all of his special moves are already revealed in this trailer, the Ranger may be a high risk, high reward mid-range zoner who often has to get close to his foes to continue combos. Ranger players would have to start and cleanly end their combos unless they'll be put in spots where their shorter ranged foes can punish them for their stylish mistakes.

Players who love learning cool visual combos and showing off on their foes could be at home with Ranger. This character's gameplay trailer completes the showcases for DNF Duel's roster, but we've yet to see a release date and playable platforms confirmed. Hopefully this'll be soon.

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