DNF Duel: Kunoichi Moveset Revealed

Neople and Arc System Works have rapidly released new trailers for DNF Duel's second set of characters. For the ninth reveal, Kunoichi has been confirmed as the roster's next entry.

With fire and speed, this character looks nimble and tricky to play as. Here's what we've seen so far.

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How Will This Character Play?

As seen in her trailer below, Kunoichi is a character that employs fire magic and throws ninja tools at her foes.

While not rapidly mobile like other close ranged fighters, Kunoichi maintains a good arsenal of projectiles, such as thrown kunais, fire breath, raining down fireballs, fire tornados and a flaming frog that spews out a large fireball.

DNF Duel: Kunoichi Moveset Revealed

Kunoichi could serve as a setplay heavy character, one that thrives on scoring knockdowns on her foes similar to the Inquisitor. Once she's floored opponents, she can set up a fire spell to make it hard for her foes to immediately retaliate, continuing her offense.

In contrast to the Inquisitor's larger weapon, which could be good for neutral, Kunoichi may have a stronger mix-up with her fast attacks with her shorter weapons.

After her reveal, there's only one more DNF Duel character left to be revealed. Neople and Arc System Works have been quick in introducing this character set, meaning they could finally reveal the tenth character before the PlayStation Dungeon Fighter Duel open beta starts this weekend.

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