DNF Duel: Inquisitor Moveset Revealed

A woman on a mission to punish evil and sinners, the Inquisitor brings out her axe and flames for DNF Duel. The latest trailer showcases her moves in battle, and many longtime fighting game fans will recognize the tools she utilises.

In the original game, the Inquisitor is one path that the Female Priest can take. In this advancement, she learns about the Church's crusade against evil that uses more brute force and holy flames, rather than the usual healing magic.

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How This Character Is Going To Play

Due to her massive weapon, Inquisitor could be one of the slower characters in the game. However, her special moves involving holy fire looks great as it allows her to spread some fire on the floor and even summon a flaming wheel. If these skills prove reliable for this character, Inquisitor could be played as a setplay character in this fighting game.

Setplay characters thrive on knocking down their enemies and making it hell for their foes trying to get up with large projectiles. Generally, these characters also thrive on momentum that requires them to keep pressing for certain situations, removing options on their foes until they're out of health.

All in all, the Inquisitor could be designed to be a frustrating character to fight if her setplay tools are used well, forcing opponents to respect it or get punished for heavy damage.

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