DNF Duel: Berserker Moveset Showcased

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Arc System Works and Neople have begun revealing gameplay showcases for DNF Duel. For the first reveal, they've chosen the Berserker to show off their moves. Based on the fighter's moves, the developers have created this character based upon the original online beat-em-up.

In Dungeon Fighter Online, the Berserker is one of the subclasses that the Male Slayer can choose as they progress in the game. This subclass calls upon the the Slayer to rely more on the demon residing in their arm, using it to gain more power.

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DNF Duel: Berserker Moveset Showcased

Due to this path relying more on demonic power, the Berserker gains access to blood magic and a demonic blade which is heavily seen in the character's showcase trailer.

How Is This Character Going To Play

At a first glance, Berserker looks like a character with great reach and range, which allows him to start and continue combos even from afar. Most of his moves look reckless, explosive, and violent as the battlefield explodes with blood if he's on the screen. His special moves like Bloody Twister and Outrage Break all cover at least half the screen when used.

One of these character's downsides is that all his special moves require health to cast, which puts the Berserker in a bad spot if he misses his targets. We've yet to see if DNF Duel's Berserker will also need to pay health to use his skills. As the first character showcased, the Berserker could be a great beginner-friendly character with a straightforward game plan, keep landing clean hits to win.

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