Division Mobile release date speculation, news, gameplay, and more

Division Mobile Release Date Speculation, News, Gameplay, and More

Division Mobile Release Date Speculation, News, Gameplay, and More

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April 20, 2023: We have checked for more information on the Divison Mobile release date.

The Division has been going for some time. Originally conceived as a tactical online shooter set in a sprawling city, it became bigger and more explosive with the sequel. If you're looking to play it on the go, here's what we know about the Division Mobile release date

With official gameplay out in the world and a closed alpha on the way, there's lots to be excited for.

If you're playing the older games to catch up, here's how to find the snitch in The Division. If you would prefer to play it on PC, here's what we know about Division Heartland.

What Is the Division Mobile Release Date?

As of right now, we don't know when Division Mobile is due to release. A closed alpha is likely to go live soon so we're anticipating a release date around the start of 2023. Ubisoft is already ramping up its marketing efforts around this game, so it can't be far off at all.

Both Division and Division 2 released in March so it seems like Division Mobile will release in March 2023. Though, that could be when Division: Heartland - the next console experience - might release, with Division Mobile coming sooner to take wind out of the sales of Valorant Mobile or Destiny Mobile.

Maybe expect it after Ubisoft's own Rainbow Six Mobile, which was announced earlier and has already basically softlaunched in other regions.

Division Mobile Release Date Speculation, News, Gameplay, and More
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Division Mobile Closed Alpha Details

You can sign up for the closed alpha right now via this link. Once you're there, you can click on your platform of choice. If you are successfully chosen to join the closed alpha, you will be required to sign an NDA, essentially ensuring you don't share footage from these tests.

After the closed alpha goes live, players will test out the game and report any bugs or issues they come across. This will be an important part of the process with Division Mobile. An open beta seems likely to follow this in a few months.

What is Division Resurgence?

Division Resurgence is the name given to Division Mobile. Like the game it is based on, it will have tactical gameplay, tonnes of loot and missions to do with your friends. You will get given the chance to play with players all across the world.

We are due to see more information on the game over the following months. On the official page, it says:

"The Division Resurgence brings the acclaimed gameplay experience of the franchise to mobile! Enjoy a AAA experience featuring a new storyline set in the massive urban open-world of New York City."

Division Mobile Gameplay

Over on the official Twitter page, they shared a trailer consisting of in-engine footage, alongside some general cinematics. Unfortunately, we saw little actual gameplay in the footage.

We aren't too sure what the actual story is yet but it involves taking back New York. This means you will be tasked with taking down all new baddies threatening the barely peaceful inhabitants of encampments. The game promises a big AAA storyline set in a big open world. Hopefully, it delivers this early next year.

They followed this up with a little official gameplay footage just after. You can check that out right here.

If you're looking for more information on it, here's what we know about Division Heartland right now. If you're going back and playing Division 2, here's where you can find the nemesis mask.

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