The Division 2 Snitch Location: How to find the Snitch and secret vendor Cassie Mendoza

The Division 2 continues to be one of Ubisoft’s more popular games and is probably their best live-service title outside of Rainbow Six Siege, getting expansions that make this shooter even better.

While live-service shooters are a dime a dozen these days, The Division 2 is still going strong and the amount of loot you can get in these games is crazy, but some of them can only be purchased through the games secret vendor, known as Agent Cassie Mendoza.

Just like Destiny 2 travelling merchant, Xur, Cassie will crop up in a different location with each weekly reset, stocking new guns and gear for players to purchase.

But in order to locate Cassie you’ll need to first find a character called Jared Nash - AKA The Snitch. Like Cassie, he will appear at random locations scattered throughout Washington DC.

The Snitch will give you intel on Cassie’s whereabouts, he’ll also hand over bounty missions that come tagged with some decent rewards.

But the Snitch isn't easy to track either, since he spawns randomly in preset locations.

The Division 2 Snitch Locations

Finding Snitch in The Division 2 can be tricky since, as we stated earlier, he spawns in random locations across the map. But, thankfully, fans have figured out his spawning patterns and we're here to show you where the vendor can be found.

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Without further ado, here is where Snitch is likely to pop up in The Division 2:

  • Snitch Area 1: Northeast of The White House, you should see him in a back alley with a few cars. Snitch might appear as an unknown activity marker in your map so check that out.
  • Snitch Area 2: West of The White House, you should be able to see Snitch near the Haunted House Control Point. Players should see Snitch standing next to a bakery.
  • Snitch Area 3: Southwest of the Haunted House Control Point, though it’s faster to reach Snitch through The Archive safehouse.
  • Snitch Area 4: This one is a doozy since he’ll either appear northwest of the Washington Monument Control point or the Ellipse Fuel Depot or Flooded Levee Control points if the Washington Monument has been looted.
  • Snitch Area 5: East of the Jefferson Plaza main mission, you will see Snitch near the underground entrance.
  • Snitch Area 6: Close the Taxi Graveyard Control Point, you should see Snitch appear near the bridge leading to Roosevelt Island Stronghold.
  • Snitch Area 7: North of the District Union Arena Stronghold, south of the Red Dragon Control Point, you should see Snitch there.
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The Division 2 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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