The Division 2 Warlords of New York Season 2: Release Date, Pass Content, Underground Mode, Manhunt Targets And More

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The Division 2 may have received its sizeable "Warlords of New York" expansion earlier this year, but it looks as though the game is about to grow further.

Here's everything we know about Season 2.


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Season 2 Release Date

Seasons last for three months, so expect Season 2 in early June. As such, we should hear more soon.


New Content

Following the Public Test Server being opened up, Redditor definitelyanalt16 was able to datamine a wealth of potential upcoming content.

As part of the leak, audio files suggest that Season 2 of the game's Manhunt will involve hunting down Hornet – a character who we thought we'd already killed in the first game, but who was apparently patched up.

Perhaps more interesting are more audio files referencing a skyscraper that offers players the chance to clear floors, potentially in a replayable fashion.


It sounds similar to the randomly-generated "dungeons" of the first game's Underground Survival mode that allowed players to squad up and fight their way through subterranean maps, something that fans have been requesting for some time.

New Manhunt Targets

According to a datamined leak, we'll be tracking down Hornet. He was presumed dead after being killed in the first game, but it looks as though Keener and his crew managed to bring him back from the brink of death for us to kill him all over again.