How to get Orange and Blue Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The player character stood with Simba and Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Orange and Blue Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley are some of the most coveted new items in the game. The newest Pride of the Valley update added not only Simba, Nala, and the new Star Path, but also multiple collectible items.

With a dose of mystery around them, these colourful potatoes cannot be avoided. In this guide, you'll learn how to get Orange and Blue Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each potato requires a unique approach, as described in detail in this guide.

How to get Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Orange Potato crafting recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Credit: sheebi's valley
Collect Pebbles and transform them into Orange Potato

To get the Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll need to put in some effort. While the Potato can be crafted following the straightforward recipe, it is only a tiny part of the adventure awaiting you.

First, reach level 10 friendship with Scrooge McDuck. It can be done by completing his questline, including the final quest. Still, the process doesn’t require much time. Once done, head to your wardrobe and find Lenses of Shadows. They are special glasses given to you by Scrooge McDuck. Equip them, and go in search of 20 Orange Pebbles.

Pebbles can be found worldwide, which might create problems with finding them. To simplify the process, check the list below. Here we mentioned all the locations where you can find Orange Pebbles.

  • Main Castle - 3
  • Mickey’s Secret Room - 3
  • Moana Realm - 4
  • Ratatouille Realm - 1
  • Toy Story Realm - 4
  • Frozen Realm - 3
  • Wall-E Realm - 2

Once you found 20 Orange Pebbles, head to the crafting table and open the section ‘Functional Items.’ Select the Orange Potato recipe and then craft the new resource.

The player character discovering a Blue Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Credit: sheebi's valley
Get into Ursula's house to find Blue Potato

How to Get Blue Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While getting Orange Potato is not much hassle, everything is even more straightforward with Blue Potato. The item is located inside Ursula’s house. To find the Blue Potato, approach Ursula and start a dialogue with her. Then, select the option ‘Let’s go see your House!’ It ensures you are visiting the house, not the cave where you rescued Ursula.

In the corner of the house is a glowing and sparkling Blue Potato. Even though Ursula’s shelter is sparkling, it is nearly impossible to miss this item. Just approach it and press E to pick it from the ground.

The only issue here is unlocking Ursula. She is not available from the beginning of the game. You need to complete a bunch of quests to unlock her!


How to use Orange and Blue Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Both Orange and Blue Potatoes are used in crafting recipes. Check the list below and discover potions you can craft using potatoes.

  • Electrifying Orange Potion
  • Brilliant Blue Potion

Of course, remember that these potions require not only Potatoes. You must have a bunch of other resources to craft them.

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