How To Add Friends In Dislyte and Earn Friendship Points

Mythical, stylish, urban - Dislyte’s new mix of flavours has players racing to download the game and join the fun. What better way than to experience it together? Here is how to add friends in Dislyte.

Turn-based strategy title Dislyte has a multitude of heroes based on myths and legends, which you can form your own team of to bust your way through levels and tricky enemies. There’s a worldwide chat going on constantly, so it's a communal experience all around, and at the heart of it are the friends you can add along the way. They can assist in battle, and send you Points each day, which add up to let you afford some handy rewards.

If you’re starting out with Dislyte and are not sure where to go, we suggest our codes page and tier list for some freebies and helpful pointers on which Espers to aim for. Or, if you want to reroll your account, we can tell you how to do that as well.

How Do I Add Friends In Dislyte?

Adding friends in Dislyte is pretty straightforward. In the bottom right of the home screen, you'll find the Friends tab. Here you can see friends as well as requests and gifts. To add friends in Dislyte, hit the icon with a gear on it in the top right. This will bring up the Add Friends pop-up, where you can search by name or a player's UID. You can have up to 50 friends at once.

The Add Friends tab shows recommended players to add to your friends list - some found randomly, but some based on how well-matched your teams are.

By clicking on a user's name you can see their space, where their favourite Espers are listed, and their records for the Trial modes. You can chat privately with other players even if they aren't your friend.

What Benefits Do Friends Have In Dislyte?

Having friends in Dislyte serves some helpful purposes, not just giving you a sense of popularity.

Every day you can send gifts to all of your friends - this will give them Friendship Points. You can accept up to 20 of these rewards per day, which each give ten points, earning you 200 points in a day. These are great as they’re used in the Friendship Shop to buy items like Rare Starimons or Stamina refills.

You’ll get 100 Friendship Points if people use your Esper as an assist. What is a Friend Assist? Well, this is an Esper that can help your friends in battles. You can set which Esper you’d like to send out in the Friend Assist tab. This won’t stop you from using them at the same time, either! You can use your friends’ Helper Espers up to 50 times each day, meaning you’ll never be too stuck. Using your friends’ higher-level Espers can make a big difference.

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