How to Sleep in Disco Elysium and Where to Sleep After the First Night

How to sleep in Disco Elysium is one of many challenges you're faced with almost as soon as the game begins, and it's a surprisingly steep one - unless you know what's going on. Figuring out where to sleep takes much less effort after the first day, though there's a routine involved. Still, it's a vital part of your adventure. Here's where to sleep in Disco Elysium.

Where to Sleep in Disco Elysium

The keeper of the Whirling-in-Rags demands compensation for the damage you caused his room on top of the standard fee. The total is over 100 Real, which is far more than you can get in one day. You have few money-making options available to you at this point, and the ones you do find won't give you nearly enough to over the Rag's fee.

Disco Elysium Whirl-in-Rags
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Lucky for you, it doesn't matter. Feel free to spend your day doing whatever else you want until 10 p.m. After that point, speak with Kim. There's a brief dialogue exchange, and then he comes up with a way to pay your fee.

Head back to the Whirling-in-Rags to get the room key from Garte, and you can sleep whenever you want that night.

Where to Sleep for Free in Disco Elysium

After that, you can pay 20 real each day to sleep at the Rags, though there is another option in the Fishing Village. Speak with the washerwoman about a place to stay, and she'll direct you to an unused hovel that's free for you to sleep in for the rest of the game.

If that seems too far out of the way, make sure to take advantage of Disco Elysium's quick travel. Keep yourself healthy, and make sure to pick the best skills Disco Elysium has to offer as well. It's a rough world out there.

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