Disco Elysium: How to Heal and Death Explained

Your character is a mess in Disco Elysium, a damaged detective struggling to solve a murder mystery with a legendary hangover. But you can be hurt further along the way, so we’ve laid out this guide on how to heal health and morale, as well as how to get healing items and avoid death.

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How to Heal in Disco Elysium

To heal in Disco Elysium, players will need to obtain special medicines for each respective health bar (physical health and morale). These are found in a variety of locations about the game.

When you have a healing item, it’ll be added to your total, marked above the health bar itself in the bottom-left. The orange plus represents your body medicines, and the blue one represents medicine for morale. You can heal at any point in the game simply by clicking on those plus icons, reducing them by one.

Medicines aren’t easy to find though, so there is an alternative - rest in bed. Rest will restore both your health bars to full, so don’t worry about self-protection near the end of the day.

How to Get Medicine and Healing Items

Healing items are found in many places around Disco Elysium. Make sure to check all containers and bins you see, as many of them will contain single-use healing items. If you’re running low and you desperately need them, you can also buy them at the Fritte Kiosk near the Harbour entrance.

Can You Die in Disco Elysium?

Yes, you can definitely die in Disco Elysium. If you take damage enough to reduce either health bar to zero and don’t take certain steps to immediately remedy that, you die and will have to reload an earlier save to continue playing.

Preventing Death

To avoid death, you have to use the corresponding healing item within five seconds of being reduced to zero health. If you don’t, it snaps to a game over screen with a newspaper detailing your failure. Best avoided, as scenarios go.

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