Disco Elysium: Thought Cabinet Guide

One of the main mechanics in Disco Elysium is the Thought Cabinet, a system of psychology designed to help you rebuild your mind after destroying it with drugs and alcohol. Different thoughts will massively impact your game, so we’ve laid out a full guide to the Thought Cabinet below, and how the thoughts you get can impact .

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Disco Elysium’s Thought Cabinet Explained

The Thought Cabinet in Disco Elysium serves as a kind of inventory and stat system combined, reflecting the way in which your mind develops and changes. It works thusly:

  • As you experience characters, ideas and events in Disco Elysium, your character will gain “thoughts.”
  • These are stored in the Cabinet but don’t do anything until internalised.
  • To internalise a thought, select it in the Cabinet (accessible from the menu at the bottom of the screen).
  • When a thought is being internalised, it’ll usually affect your stats in some way. It’s usually a negative penalty, but not necessarily always.
  • Different thoughts take differing amounts of in-game time to complete. You can check its progress at any time from the Thought Cabinet.
  • You’ll be alerted when the thought is finally internalised. From this point on, you’ll have certain stat or dialogue changes reflecting the thought.

These thoughts usually reflect interests, political leanings, moral choices or behavioural quirks, and are not the same thing as the skills you learn throughout the game.

Disco Elysium thought cabinet guide
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The Thought Cabinet defines your character and how you function.

How to Unlock Thoughts

Thoughts you can unlock vary depending on your interaction with the world, and the best thing you can do is stay consistent! Many thoughts unlock by setting patterns in your behaviour and dialogue. If you want to unlock the thought "Some Kind of Superstar," where you keep referring to yourself as a rock star, bring it up in dialogue whenever you can! Eventually your brain will contact you with the new thought and you can choose to internalise it.

How to Forget/Delete Thoughts

Sometimes you’ll internalise a thought and wish you hadn’t, or just decide that the thought isn’t worth having in your head anymore. To delete or forget a thought, you can click on it while you have an unspent skill point to erase it (though you won’t get anything else in return).

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