What is Overpower Damage in Diablo 4?

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Diablo 4 boss
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
September 20 - Here is everything you need to know about Overpower Damage in Diablo 4.

If you have finally started the game for yourself, you may be wondering "What is Overpower Damage in Diablo 4?" In Diablo 4, there is a range of damage types, and players may find themselves puzzled when examining a weapon's statistics and encountering an unfamiliar damage category. One of the most confusing initially is overpower.

It's a common occurrence for players in Diablo 4 to come across the presence of this particular attribute on select weapons and armour pieces. However, the game doesn't explain the purpose of Overpower Damage too clearly. This guide, we will delve into a comprehensive explanation of Overpower Damage to help players grasp its precise function and use in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 enemies
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo 4

What is Overpower Damage in Diablo 4?

Overpower Damage in Diablo 4 is visually represented by the emergence of light-blue damage numbers when launching attacks against enemies. Typically, players will normally see white damage numbers denoting their base damage, and yellow numbers signifying critical hits.

However, when Overpower Damage comes into play, these distinct light-blue numbers appear, offering an additional layer of damage output that can significantly impact encounters with enemies. Also, Overpower Damage in Diablo 4 is linked to light-blue and orange numbers. Light-blue numbers represent the foundation of your Overpower Damage, while orange numbers indicate critical Overpower Damage.

Fighting enemies using Overpower Damage
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Overpower Damage in Diablo 4

Essentially, Overpower Damage in Diablo 4 refers to an additional amount of damage that players can inflict upon their enemies. This supplementary damage always amounts to a fixed rate of three percent. However, players can ensure that their attacks become Overpowered by using specific weapon effects.

The numerical values of Overpower Damage inflicted by players are influenced by their Life and Fortify stats, meaning that the higher these stats, the greater the extent of Overpower Damage a player can inflict.

In addition, players can further augment their Overpower Damage based on the active effects they have enabled. For instance, they may have access to effects that provide a 50 percent bonus to Overpower Damage for a particular weapon, or enhance their skills to inflict additional Overpower Damage.

These effects serve as valuable means for players to amplify their overall damage output and maximise the potency of their Overpower attacks in Diablo 4.


The majority of skills in the game have the potential to inflict Overpower Damage. However, it is worth noting that passive abilities, damage-over-time effects, and channelled skills are unable to deliver this specific type of damage. Consequently, all other skills in the game can produce distinct light-blue or orange damage numbers in Diablo 4.

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