Diablo 2 Resurrected - Arcane Sanctuary Walkthrough

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Diablo 2 Resurrected is finally here, and with it, a myriad of quests, enemies, and challenges for you to discover (or re-discover!). Today we will take you through the fourth Story Quest of Act 2, Arcane Sanctuary, a quest that will require you to travel through the underground parts of the Lut Gholeim Palace.


Diablo 2 Resurrected, Act II: Arcane Sanctuary

Quest Name: Arcane Sanctuary

Area Level

Palace Cellar Level 1: 13 (Normal), 47 (Nightmare), 78 (Hell)

Palace Cellar Level 2: 13 (Normal), 47 (Nightmare), 78 (Hell)

Palace Cellar Level 3: 13 (Normal), 48 (Nightmare), 78 (Hell)


Harem Level 2: 13 (Normal), 47 (Nightmare), 78 (Hell)

Unlocked By: Showing Deckard Cain the Horadric Staff, quest given by Lord Jerhyn.

Once you have the mysterious Horadric Staff transmuted and its related quest is completed, Deckard Cain will convince Lord Jerhyn to let you inside the Lut Gholeim Palace, so you can explore the multiple Levels of the Palace Cellar in search of a portal that can help you to access the Ancient Sanctuary.

The Palace Cellar extends through three dungeon levels, and then you have the Harem with two extra ones, although the first level has no enemies. These levels are infested with enemies such as Horror Mages and Archers, Invaders, Dune Beasts, and Blunderbores, but thankfully no big boss battles, so your journey through it should be pretty chill.

After you reach the bottom of the second Harem level, a portal should wait for you at the end, which will take you to another plane into the Arcane Sanctuary.


Palace Dungeon - Enemies List

  • Palace Cellar: Blunderbore, Invader, Dune Beast, Horror Archer, Horror Mage
  • Harem: Blunderbore, Invader, Dune Beast, Horror Archer, Horror Mage

Arcane Sanctuary Quest Rewards

  • Gaining access to the Arcane Sanctuary, and the next quest.

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