Destiny 2 Best Scorn Farm Locations

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The Scorn are a group of undead fallen in Destiny 2. These enemies were included in Destiny 2 back with the Forsaken campaign. Although the campaign will be vaulted soon enough, the Scorn will continue to be in the game.

That being said, it's not that difficult to find the Scorn in Destiny 2. However, if you're still having difficulty finding the Scorn here's our guide on where to find them.

Where to Find Scorn in Destiny 2

In order to find the Scorn, you need to make your way to either the Tangled Shore, or the Dreaming City.

Now that the Dreaming City is in focus, thanks to the way the storyline is progressing, the place is overrun with Scorn. So you shouldn't really have any difficulty completing any Scorn related bounties if you head to this place.

Alternatively, there are a few Lost Sectors in Dreaming City that are quite littered with Scorn. That being said, you don't really need to make your way to any Lost Sector if you want to kill Scorn.

Some of these Scorn have a weird way of travelling. They disappear and reappear out of the blue. So watch out for the dark blue trails that they leave behind if you want to track them effectively.

Some of them also have fireball lamps that they hit you with. So be careful of these enemies in Destiny 2.

What is the Best Strike To Farm Scorn Kills In Destiny 2?

Currently, there is just one strike that is completely littered with Scorn enemies. All you need to do is make your way to the Tangled Shore and begin the strike known as the Hollowed Lair.

Not only does this strike have Scorn foot soldiers, it also has a Scorn boss known as the Fanatic.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Scorn On Tangled Shore?

When it comes to farming Scorn on the Tangled Shore, you need to make your way to Kingship Dock. This place is literally crawling with Scorn enemies.

In order to reach Kingship Dock, all you need to do is land at Thieves Landing, and then make your way north. You should see Scorn hordes in no time.

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Where Is The Best Place To Farm Scorn On Dreaming City?

Although this is more of a Taken stronghold, you can still find some Scorn here at the Dreaming City. In order to find these monsters, make your way to the Bay of Drowned Wishes, and you have a group of Scorn that you can kill.

You can also find some Scorn in the strike known as the Corrupted but that's just at the very beginning of the mission.

Good luck Guardian!

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