Destiny 2 Lost Sector Today (29 November): Legendary & Master Rotation, Rewards, and More

Credit: Destiny 2
Updated 29 November 2021 with latest Legendary & Master Lost Sector info.

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 are special locations that are tucked away on the different planets in the Destiny world. The only place to not have a lost sector is the Last City.

That being said, these multiple Destiny 2 Lost Sectors offer different kinds of loot if you successfully manage to complete them by defeating the big bad at the end of the tunnel.


However, when it comes to Legendary and Master Lost Sectors, you need to complete all Lost Sectors in a given location before you have access to the Legendary or Master Lost Sector difficulty option.

In addition, those who complete Legendary or Master Lost Sectors in a Fireteam will earn Nightfall-level gear but if you're able to run the Lost Sector solo, you can earn a new Exotic.

Keep reading for a look at the Legendary & Master Lost Sectors available today in Destiny 2.

What Is The Destiny 2 Legendary Lost Sector Today?

The location for the daily Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2 comes with the daily reset at 5PM UTC. Although you may run a Legendary Lost Sector with the hope of acquiring an exotic piece of gear, this isn't guaranteed. You may need to run the Legendary Lost Sector multiple times to get the RNG gods in your favour.

You can also find a full calendar below, that will help you track the Legendary Lost Sector today.

Date Legendary Lost Sector Location Exotic Reward Shields
22 NovemberAphelion's RestDreaming CityLegsVoid
23 NovemberThe Empty TankTangled ShoreArmsArc
24 NovemberK1 LogisticsMoonChestArc, Solar
25 NovemberK1 CommunionMoonHeadSolar, Void
26 NovemberK1 Crew QuartersMoonLegsSolar
27 NovemberK1 RevelationMoonArmsArc
28 NovemberConcealed VoidEuropaChestArc, Solar, Void
29 NovemberBunker E15EuropaHeadVoid
30 NovemberPerditionEuropaLegsArc, Void

What Is The Destiny 2 Master Lost Sector Today?

There's also a Master variant for Lost Sectors. You need to reach the 1350 power level in order to successfully complete these Lost Sectors. Not only that, you have limited revives as well.

You can also find a full calendar below, that will help you track the Master Lost Sector today.

Date Master Lost Sector Location Exotic Reward Shields
22 NovemberChamber of StarlightDreaming CityHeadSolar, Void
23 NovemberAphelion's RestDreaming CityLegsVoid
24 NovemberThe Empty TankThe Tangled ShoreArmsArc
25 NovemberK1 LogisticsMoonChestArc, Solar
26 NovemberK1 CommunionMoonHeadSolar, Void
27 NovemberK1 Crew QuartersMoonLegsSolar
28 NovemberK1 RevelationMoonArmsArc
29 NovemberConcealed VoidEuropaChestArc, Solar, Void
30 NovemberBunker E15EuropaHeadVoid

It's best to run these Legendary and Master Lost Sectors as a part of a fire team. However, if you have a proper loadout, you could easily solo them. Do you think you have what it takes, Guardian?

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