How to Get Treasure Keys in Destiny 2

Looking for treasure keys in Destiny 2? The Destiny 30th anniversary event is underway, and with it comes a new activity and plenty of chances to earn loot. You'll need treasure keys for most of it, and there's only one way to get them: stepping into eternity, or Destiny 2's version of it at any rate.

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How to Get Treasure Keys in Destiny 2

Completing the new Dares of Eternity activity rewards you with Treasure Keys. You only get one Treasure Key per completion, so plan on repeating this several times Unlike the seasonal activity that kicked off Season of the Lost, this one doesn't take too much time.

How to Start Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2

Dares of Eternity is a matchmade activity. To start it:

  • Navigate to the Director's menu
  • Choose the "Eternity" option
  • Pick "Dares of Eternity"

Dares of Eternity has several phases to get through.

Impress Starhorse by Defeating Enemy Forces

This one's pretty self explanatory. Just shoot enough enemies until you fill the objective bar.

Defeat Bombtenders and Use Their Dares Against Commanders

Your goal in the second phase is finding the Bombtender enemies, then defeating them and chucking the Dares (bombs, essentially) at Commanders to deal heavy damage. The Commanders have special icons marking them, but the Bombtenders are usually hiding away from the frontlines and are denoted by round icons. You can't damage Commanders without the bombs, so don't waste time trying to defeat them other ways.

Guardians in Destiny 2 prepare to jump into Eternity
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Remove Gatekeepers' Shields with the Heads of Headbearers

The third Dare is similar to the second, in that you need to defeat a weaker enemy to take on the larger one. The Gatekeepers have several shields protecting them from harm. Find the Headbearers, again denoted by round icons, defeat them, and hold their heads to zap the enemy's shields. The process usually defeats the Shieldbearers, so you won't have a second round of combat.

A boss pops up, and you'll have to use more Heads to remove its shields too.

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Finish the Final Dare

The Final Dare is an amalgamation of the previous ones, with waves of enemies, shielded foes you'll have to use other items to destroy, and then a last boss, the Dare Champion. Power through it to win your loot.

You can only carry five Treasure Keys at a given time, so make sure to use them before going back and repeating the Dares of Eternity.

Completing this activity also earns you Strange Coins, which you'll need to complete the Forerunner quest, Magnum Opus.

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