How to Get Forerunner in Destiny 2 and Complete the Magnum Opus Quest

Wondering how to get the Destiny 2 Forerunner sidearm? The pistol is a throwback to Halo's classic sidearm, and while it's available for anyone, even if you didn't purchase the Anniversary Pack, you'll have to put in a bit of work to actually get it. The Forerunner quest is Magnum Opus, a series of item gathering quests where you earn Xur's trust and eventually get the loot you desire.

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Destiny 2 Forerunner Quest - Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus becomes available shortly after you download the new update. You're forced into a Dares of Eternity run as soon as you start, and you need to speak with Xur after that to get the Magnum Opus quest.

Magnum Opus Step 1 - Collect 7 Strange Coins

You probably nabbed some Strange Coins in your first Dares of Eternity. You can complete that activity again or more, or follow our Strange Coins guide for other ways to collect them.

Magnum Opus Step 2 - Complete Starhorse Bounties

Starhorse offers bounties for 3, 5, or 7 Strange Coins apiece, depending on difficulty and the quality of the reward. That means gathering yet more Strange Coins for this step. If you do Dares of Eternity again, you'll also get Treasure Keys, so it's worth completing a few more times at least.

Magnum Opus Step 3 - Reach Strange Favor Rank Brave

The point of all this is to raise your Strange Favor rank Brave, which is the fourth rank. Once you do, speak with Starhorse again. He'll give you the Strange Key.

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Magnum Opus Step 4 - Use the Strange Key

Starhorse takes you back to Eternity, where you need to find the spot that takes the Strange Key. It's close by where you arrive. Turn right, and walk forward until you reach a pile of rocks at the bottom of a hill (thanks Strikerlegend89). The game tells you you're getting close, and then using the key unlocks a new jumping puzzle in a structure nearby. Complete that to get another item, the Anomalous Object.

Take this item to Banshee in the Tower, and they turn it into the Forerunner.

Destiny 2 Forerunner Stats

Here's how the Forerunner performs (thanks

  • Impact 35
  • Range 100
  • Stability 73
  • Handling 64
  • Reload Speed 82
  • Rounds Per Minute 200
  • Magazine 15

Hidden Stats

  • Aim Assistance 60
  • Inventory Size 56
  • Zoom 20
  • Recoil 96
  • Bounce Intensity 4
  • Bounce Direction Tends Vertical

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