How to Get Gjallarhorn and Gjallarhorn Catalyst in Destiny 2

Wondering how to get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2? The powerhouse weapon is back, but unlike the Forerunner pistol, you can only get the Gjallarhorn if you own the 30th Anniversary Pack. Even after shelling out the $24.99, you’ll still have a few tasks ahead of you before the weapon is yours to keep. If a massively powerful rocket launcher weren’t appealing enough in itself, there’s also a Gjallarhorn Catalyst to further modify it.

How to Get Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

Xur chucks you into Eternity the first time you speak with him after installing the update, and you’ll have to complete the Dares of Eternity before you can do anything else. It’s a new, six-person activity that gives you Treasure Keys and Strange Coins for completing it, the latter of which you’ll need for Starhorse’s bounties and the Forerunner pistol.

After that, speak with Xur again, and choose the quest “And Out Fly The Wolves.” Your next task is speaking with Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome.

A trio of Guardians from Destiny 2. The center one is holding the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher
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Destiny 2 And Out Fly The Wolves Step 1

You’ll tackle the Grasp of Avarice dungeon for your first step. Like all dungeons in Destiny 2, you need a team of other Guardians to play this, as there’s no matchmaking in dungeons. The Grasp of Avarice has two boss encounters, so make sure you’re prepared before entering.

Destiny 2 And Out Fly The Wolves Step 2

Head back to the Cosmodrome and speak with Shaw Han again. Now you need to defeat seven Fallen in areas around the Cosmodrome. The Lost Sector near The Divide is a good place to find Fallen here.

Destiny 2 And Out Fly The Wolves Step 3

Speak with Shaw Han again, then chat with Banshee-44 in the Tower. Banshee sends you back to the Lost Sector in The Divide. Run through it, then open the chest that drops after you defeat the boss. Take what you find back to Shaw Han and assemble it at the workbench.

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Stats

Here’s how the Gjallarhorn stacks up (thanks

  • Stability 68
  • Handling 69
  • Reload Speed 43
  • Velocity 50
  • Blast Radius 95
  • Rounds Per Minute 15
  • Magazine 1

Hidden Stats

  • Aim Assistance 76
  • Inventory Size 50
  • Zoom 20
  • Recoil 49
  • Bounce Intensity 51
  • Bounce Direction Tends Left

How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst in Destiny 2 - Reaver Vandal Chest 1

Getting the Gjallarhorn Catalyst is a bit more involved (thanks to YouTubers Newoo and VoteforShifu for first laying the process out). Drop into the Grasp of Avarice again. Make your way along the metal scaffolding, then jump across the chasm and defeat the Reaver Vandal. You’ll need to open a chest while you have the Burden of Riches debuff active. Leap back across the chasm, and you’ll find the first chest on the metal scaffolding to your left.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst Reaver Vandal Chest 2

The second Vandal is in the open area with the giant cylinder. Head up the stairs and follow the path until you reach the Vandal, then deal with it. There’s a vent in the roof of that room. Enter the vent, turn right, then left, then right again, and you’ll find the chest below you on a platform.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst Reaver Vandal Chest 3

This one is in the area with the cannons and islands. After the Fallen Shield encounter, turn the cannon away from the hole and fire yourself back the opposite way. Turn right, then go forward, and you’ll find the Vandal on a walkway. The chest is on a rooftop in the central island, so jump over there or launch yourself with the cannon to grab it.

What Does the Gjallarhorn Catalyst Do?

The Gjallarhorn Catalyst decreases reload time and makes your missiles stronger after a Wolfpack kill. You’ll need to kill 400 enemies with the Gjallarhorn to fully activate it, though.

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