Destiny 2's Transmog System Has A Limit, Unless You're Willing To Pay

One of Destiny 2's most long-awaited features, transmog, will be capped at ten free uses per class, per season unless players spend money at the Eververse store.

We've known for a while that the game's next season will introduce Armor Synthesis, which will let players turn their preferred gear into 'Ornaments' that can be applied to customise Guardians, but Bungie's latest blog post revealed how this will work in actuality.

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Destiny 2's Transmog System Has A Limit, Unless You're Willing To Pay

The new system will have players earn Synthstrand from activities, which is then spent on Bounties that reward Synthweave from Ada-1.

This will then need to be spent in the Tower at a new Loom to earn Synthwave, which can then be used to convert Legendary or lower armour into an Ornament to apply to your existing gear.

You'll be able to complete the Bounties in your chosen activity (Strikes, Crucible, pinnacle, destination and yes, even Gambit), but you'll be capped at 10 Ornaments per class per season.

While Season 14 will offer the chance to earn 10 additional Ornaments to kick things off, that means you'll have enough for two armour sets for your class of choice every season.

If you want to circumnavigate that limit, you can buy a single Synthweave for $3, or five (enough for a single armour set) at $10.

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Year one armour ornaments will largely be exempt from the system, at least for now, and glowing Solstice of Heroes sets from 2018 and 2019 won't be part of it, either.

The initial response has been frosty, to say the least, with many on the game's subreddit taking umbrage with the cap, the price of the Eververse options, and the fact that Bungie is adding even more currency systems to Destiny 2.

Shaders are also being overhauled in Season 14, and Bungie has urged players to dismantle their collection of colour options before the new season begins. While they are no longer consumables (a decision that rankled plenty of fans back in 2017), they are getting a price hike.

A single shader currently costs 40 Bright Dust, but will soon cost 300, a sizeable jump. While these are now permanent unlocks, the current system means that players only need to spend the 40 Bright Dust once anyway.

I have... some thoughts on this which I'll write up tomorrow, but it's pretty telling that the entire community is up in arms.

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