Destiny 2 Removes Sunsetting, Bungie Delays Witch Queen

Bungie's latest blog post has revealed plenty of changes coming to the MMO/shooter hybrid in the run-up to the Witch Queen expansion.

For one, the expansion will now launch in 2022, while Joe Blackburn also hints at the current storyline being a "saga" - with a further saga possibly planned for after the Lightfall expansion.

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Destiny 2 Removes Sunsetting, Bungie Delays Witch Queen

The biggest news for now (at least for this humble writer) is that weapon and armour sunsetting is GONE.

Players will no longer have infusion caps placed on weapons and gear they earn, and while it doesn't work retroactively (meaning some god roll weapons I have are still lost to time), this is a huge win for the community.

Speaking of things being lost to time, Bungie again confirmed that Vault of Glass will arrive as part of Season 14, and will have a contest mode raid race, and eventually a Master mode.

Trials of Osiris is getting some reworks, as is Iron Banner, to make them more attractive to players. For one, "three peeking" will be impossible as emotes will be disabled and you won't be able to use a third-person weapon without ammo (although the vagueness suggests more third-person weapons are coming).

Elsewhere in PvP, Stasis is getting a nerf across all subclasses, which is a huge relief to... well, everyone. In PvE, Stasis will become its own damage type with its own weapons.

As for Power Levels, the power gap between seasons will drop from 50 - 60 levels to around ten - as it used to be.

Transmog will come to Season 14, and will be dubbed "Armor Synthesis". Ada-1 will be in charge, and you'll be able to complete quests for her to be able to convert armour into universal ornaments, allowing you to switch up your appearance. Speaking of appearance, Shaders will now be permanent unlocks - something that's been a bone of contention since 2017.

This is quite the megaton blog post from Bungie and really has fixed plenty of issues I and many others have had.

You did good, Bungo.

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