Destiny 2: What Is The Eververse, What Does It Sell? Silver and Bright Dust Explained

Destiny 2 offers an in-game store known as the Eververse Trading Co., with items purchasable for real-world money as well as opened via Eververse Engrams earned from playing the game.

The shop offers plenty of customisation options for Guardians, but none affect gameplay.

Here's what you can get, and how you can get it.

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Destiny 2: What Is The Eververse?

What's on offer?

The Eververse store is full of cosmetics, including the following:

Armour and Weapon Ornaments

Applicable to various armour types, think of these as skins that can radically alter an item's base appearance.

Weapon Ornaments are specific to certain weapons.

Transmat Effects

Pick a new appearance for your spawn animation in Crucible, or when you arrive into a mission.


Fancy a new vehicle? You can buy them from Eververse.


Show off how you feel with one of Destiny's fun emotes.


These don't appear all that often, but finishers are available in Eververse, too – letting players add a neat flourish to their killing blow in PvE.


These offer a chance at a Glimmer boost, bonus materials, and more.

How To Buy Items

If you've spotted something you like, it'll be purchasable either through Silver or Bright Dust.

Silver – Destiny 2's premium currency, you'll need to spend real cash to get this.

Bright Dust – Dismantling premium items (like the ones in the Season Pass) can award small increments of Bright Dust. You'll also earn some for Weekly Bounties for Crucible, Strikes and Gambit.

Unfortunately, you'll have fewer items to choose from for Bright Dust – not only does it take a long time to accrue enough, but you're reliant on the rotating storefront that only offers out-of-season options.

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