Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Is Far From Over, Despite This Week's 'Big' Event

Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer had what felt like its big climactic event this week, leading many to wonder if we're now in the usual mid-to-late season period of less content before Season 15, but I don't think we are.

A word of warning, though, and I cannot stress this enough - spoilers ahead for this week's 'Path of the Splicer', but we won't be discussing any of the datamined content here.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Is Far From Over, Despite This Week's 'Big' Event

Still here? OK, let's get this show on the road.

A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that Quria, The Dreaming Mind was behind the 'Endless Night' that the last city was plunged into. That was a pretty big bombshell because Quria has been mentioned as early as 2015's Taken King expansion for the first game.

That also showed that Savathun is already in play ahead of the Witch Queen, the game's next big expansion, due out in 2022. Bringing the big bad into view at least six months before the next DLC is a risky endeavour and not something we're used to seeing from Destiny.

Oryx, Crota, Eramis, Ghaul - pretty much every Destiny villain has been introduced in one expansion and killed off in that same content drop. Sure, we heard whispers of Oryx and Crota, but by the time they were actually having an effect on the in-game universe, we were already halfway to slaying them.

To maintain that momentum, though, Bungie is going to need a heck of a Season 15 - and I really think they could pull it off. Ahead of that, though, there's the rest of Season of the Splicer. With Season 15 kicking off around August 24, there are almost EIGHT WEEKS to fill at the time of writing.

Sure, we have Solstice of Heroes, but I feel like there's a LOT more to come. As a comparison, Season of the Chosen's Proving Grounds Strike didn't unlock for all players until March 30 - that was seven weeks into the season, That means, potentially, there's plenty more to drop between now and late August.

Aside from some new difficulty options for Vault of Glass, everything we have for Season of the Splicer's roadmap is Solstice of Heroes, Iron Banner, and the mysterious Epilogue. An epilogue doesn't necessarily sound like a big content drop, but could we see something in the interim?

We've not had an exotic quest like Presage as yet, likely because Vault of Glass was our big PvE addition this season, but it feels like with trouble brewing with Lakshmi in the Tower, there's bound to be something.

Then again, maybe I'm looking for something that's not coming, and I'll be sitting waiting for something to arrive and it'll be Season 15, who knows. But I think this might be the most invested in Destiny 2 in a long, long time (maybe since the first game), and considering it's my job to write about it, that's saying something.

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