Destiny 2's Story Just Took A Left Turn Towards The Witch Queen

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Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer is in full swing, but this week's story updates perhaps marked the most exciting update thus far.

As I recently discussed, the season has been a mixed bag, but just as my interest began to wane ever so slightly, Bungie dropped some sizeable lore updates that have me desperate to log in next week.


Spoilers ahead.

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Destiny 2's Story Just Took A Left Turn Towards The Witch Queen

Season of the Splicer kicked off with the Vex plunging the Last City into an 'Endless Night', and with that came expeditions into the Vex network through Override and Expunge.


In this week's story update, though, we found out that this was orchestrated by a Taken called Quria, the Dreaming Mind.

Quria has been mentioned in lore updates for a while, but it appears Quria is actually a pawn of something much worse - Savathun.

Savathun is the Witch Queen, star of the game's next major expansion, and a god of deception - and it sounds as though she's in the Last City already, according to a new lore drop.

Hiding in human form, the lore entry says 'I clench the gangling black mass that threatens to unspool recklessly from within this shell of flesh. My new arms are too thin, too weak. My new shell still bound with thick mucus. Not yet, I say.'

She then explains that a man sees her, believing her to be ill, due to her teeth being 'black with ripeness'.

That last point is notable because there's one Guardian that keeps his mouth covered at all times - Osiris.

Back in Season of the Hunt, Osiris' Ghost, Sagira, was slain by the Hive High Celebrant, making him mortal. Since then he works as an advisor to the Vanguard, making him ideally placed to move pieces around a metaphorical chessboard.


Osiris is a trusted member of the Vanguard, but with Sagira being killed (off-screen), has the real Osiris been corrupted, or even replaced, by Savathun?

As spotted by Paul Tassi at Forbes, Igneous Hammer's lore text suggests that Osiris is pretty calm with the use of Stasis (a power bestowed by the Darkness), and even suggested Saint-14 close down the Trials of Osiris. Saint notes that Osiris is different, and he'd know - the two are in a relationship, after all.

This week, Osiris dropped in on a chat between the Guardian and Mithrax, and he's been saying some strange things this season.

Is Osiris going to reveal himself as Savathun in the coming weeks? Who knows, but it'd be a hell of a twist if it was someone else.