Destiny 2 Season 14 Leak Suggests Vex Focus, Returning Exotics and More

Destiny 2 Season 14 is a few weeks away, and while Bungie has yet to reveal the update's name or any of its details, a new 4Chan leak may have revealed some of what Guardians will be facing come May.

As you can imagine, it's worth taking the following with a fistful of salt (as with any leak), and there are some spoilers ahead, too - you've been warned.

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Destiny 2 Season 14 Leak Suggests Vex Focus, Returning Exotics and More

The leak, which was shared to Reddit, suggests that the next season will be called "Season of the Collectives" and will focus on the Vex – something we were hoping for.

"A Descendant Axis Mind, Cronus, has arisen that has cracked the secret of paracausality for the Vex. It has merged itself and a new sect of Vex units directly with Darkness Splinters, enabling the return of the Descendants and Precursors through time to take up this new dark power," the post explains, which certainly looks like a jumbled set of words that translate into a rough Destiny story arc.

The big bad this time will be Cronus, and he'll be found in a Dungeon later in the season that's set in the EDZ.

Interestingly, the leak also suggests the Vex will be wielding Stasis this time around, particularly new Minotaur units. The new seasonal activity will focus on "breaching" a series of Citadels on the Moon and the EDZ, apparently. and will be called "Incursions".

"The Incursion activity is a matchmade 3-player activity and will have a loot system similar to what was established in the Season of the Chosen. This time, a targeted loot system is in place, with players being able to target the drops they want from the Cruxes at the end of Incursion activities on the Citadels," the leak suggests.

The new seasonal artefact will be a "Splintered Conflux", and Oppressive Darkness will return as a seasonal mod, while loot will be Precursor and Descendant-themed.

Perhaps most exciting are the promises of new Exotics - or at least, new for Destiny 2. According to the leak, Super Good Advice will return with an exotic quest, while Vex Mythoclast is back for the returning Vault of Glass.

The seasonal exotic (earned through levelling up), is called the First Tempo which fires two types of Void ammo - one that marks enemies, and one that deals bonus damage, with kills creating "singularities that can pull nearby enemies toward them and blind those in range."

As with any leaks, this could be a load of Blueberry Crumblers, but hey, we'll hopefully find out soon.

Don't forget, Guardian Games kicks off next week.

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