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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Guide (21 September): Time, What Is It, Daily Changes And Everything You Need To Know

REMINDER: The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset is coming today, September 21 at 6pm BST. Stay tuned for all the updates as they drop!

[Original Story] - Destiny 2's weekly reset is live. More new content and narrative can be expected, but also who knows what else will be unveiled from the Lore perspective. Plus you can expect more activities for players to complete in search of the new Power Level cap, as well as a new set of weekly challenges to complete.

With that in mind, this week's weekly reset info will be dropping at 6 PM BST – although it may be later depending on whether patches are deployed. Wondering what the weekly reset is all about? Here's our handy guide to everything coming your way.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset September 14 to 21

Below you'll find everything that has changed in Destiny 2 this week following the latest weekly reset on September 14.

All details and activities mentioned below will reset once again in 7 days time (next week) on September 21 at 6PM BST.

Nightfall - The Ordeal:

This week the Nightfall is The Corrupted.

If you would like to see all the various modifiers for the Nightfall this week, follow the link, where we've listed everything you need to know for Adept, Hero, Legend and Master levels.

Weekly Crucible Rotator: Showdown

Achieve victory by defeating opponents and preventing revives. Win the most rounds or face off in an elimination showdown.

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Vanguard Burn:

  • Solar Singe

Europa Activities

  • Eclipsed Zone: Asterion Abyss
  • Empire Hunt: The Warrior: Defeat Eramis's military commander, Phylaks, the Warrior.
  • Exo Challenge: Simulation: Agility: Simulated Skill-Set Training: Test your dexterity as you move against the Vex.

Legacy Activities

Moon: (Requires Shadowkeep Expansion) -

  • Wandering Nightmare: Nightmare of Jaxx, Claw of Xivu Arath (Hellmouth)
  • Trove Guardian is in Anchor of Light
  • Nightmare Hunt: Despair: Defeat the Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx.
  • Nightmare Hunt: Fear: Defeat the Nightmare of Phogoth.
  • Nightmare Hunt: Rage: Defeat the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul.

Dreaming City: Growing Curse (This requires the Forsaken Expansion) -

  • Petra is at Divalian Mists.
  • Weekly Mission: The Oracle Engine - The Taken threaten to take control of an irreplaceable Awoken communications device.
  • Ascendant Challenge: Shattered Ruins, Spine of Keres
  • Blind Well: Hive, Plague: Cragur

Destiny 2 Weekly Resets Explained

Destiny 2's Weekly Reset occurs on Tuesdays, at 6 PM BST.

At that point, the following activities will change:

  • Nightfall Strikes
  • Flashpoint
  • Crucible Playlists
  • Moon Activities (For Shadowkeep Owners)
  • Menagerie Boss
  • Dreaming City Curse Cycle (For Forsaken Owners)
  • Escalation Protocol Boss
  • Leviathan Raid Orders
  • Prestige Raid Lairs

Your weekly bounties will also conclude, and perhaps most importantly, all of the rewards available are reset as well.

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Destiny 2 Daily Reset Guide


Daily Resets also occur at 6 PM BST, but they offer much fewer content refreshes.

Expect new daily bounties to be available at vendors, and one activity will refresh, too - it could be the Crucible, Strikes, or Gambit.

That means it's usually worth logging in, just to see what you can complete for some new loot.

Destiny 2 Weekend Reset Guides

Destiny offers a couple of unique rotations on Fridays.

The first, Xur, is a merchant that sells exotic weapons and armour, as well as other curios in exchange for legendary shards.

Find out Xur's location and inventory here.


The other is Trials of Osiris, a high-level PvP mode that will earn you some amazing rewards based on how many wins you secure.

Find out about the Trials of Osiris rewards here.

Both Xur and Trials will leave the game at the next weekly reset, on Tuesdays at 6 PM BST.