Destiny 2: Ranking The Best Seasons

Destiny's Season of the Splicer is in full flow, with the Vex's Endless Night torn down, but plenty more to come.

It's been a solid season overall, but ahead of the fast-approaching season 15, we thought it was time to look back at some of Destiny's best three-month content drops to crown a winner.

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Destiny 2: Ranking The Best Seasons

Fourteen seasons is a lot to rank, so we're going to make it a tad simpler by focusing on the best we've had so far.

We've picked the best ones below:

  • Season of the Splicer - Override is fun enough, but a great set of weapons and fascinating story developments put the current season on the list.
  • Season of the Chosen - A solid, self-contained story, Presage, and multiple new/returning Strikes.
  • Season of Dawn - Saint 14 and a huge community puzzle made this a season to remember.
  • Season of the Worthy - Brought back Trials of Osiris, blew up the Almighty.
  • Season of Opulence - The Menagerie and Bad Juju were great, and Crown of Sorrow didn't hurt, either.
  • Season of the Forge - A whole raid, and the Black Armory forges with some great armor and weapons.

Narrowly missing out is Season of the Hunt. While the hunts themselves felt pretty dull, I did quite enjoy the reappearance of Uldren Sov Crow, and the way it made Osiris mortal feels like it set off the current spate of suspicions around him.

So, which is best?

In terms of content, I'd argue that Season of Opulence is one of Destiny 2's finest seasons. The Menagerie is the kind of PvE content I'd have back in the game in a heartbeat, and while the Tribute Hall felt a little bit of a grind, it did give us Bad Juju - one of my favourite exotics.

Unfortunately, it didn't feel as though it added to the game's core narrative in the way that post Beyond Light seasons have done, and the same could be said of Seasons of the Worthy and Forge, too.

Season of Dawn's Sundial activity was solid, but it's real win was giving Saint-14 more to do, which has made him a favourite in Season of the Splicer.

Looking for a middle ground between narrative and content, it's hard to look past Season of the Chosen. Its storyline feels weirdly siloed off now that we're in Season of the Splicer, but it had real weight (Zavala almost being killed, finding out a Guardian had been working with Calus), as well as the Presage mission to get the Dead Man's Tale rifle.

For these reasons, I'm opting for Season of the Chosen as my current top season, but that's not to say Splicer is out of the running – I think it has the best story of any season at this point, and while Expunge isn't quite as exciting when you've done it once or twice, there's still more to come.

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