Destiny 2 Override Guide: How To Complete The New Season of the Splicer Activity

Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer kicks off today, and Override is one of the bigger new additions.

Replacing Battlegrounds as the current seasonal activity (although the former is still available), Override is a six-player mode with matchmaking that tasks teams with bringing down the Vex network from inside.

Here's all we know so far.

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Destiny 2 Override Guide

While the season has only just begun, we know there are over locations coming to Override. For now, though, here's how to complete the Europa-based one.

Kill Vex To Earn Data Motes

This step is nice and simple - do what Guardians do best, and tear through the Vex as quickly as you can.

Once defeated, they'll drop pink items, Data Motes, which can be deposited in a repository.

You'll notice that the progress bar fills up.

At certain points, a doorway into the network will open up. Head inside and slay the Champion to earn a Data Spike, which will add a sizeable chunk of progress.

Hack the Vex network

Once the bar is full, players will need to shoot the glowing boxes around the repository and a series of platforms will spawn. One player will need to climb to the top to hack.

Do this three times, and you'll open up a pathway to the next encounter.

Defeat the Vex boss

Prepare for some platforming as you make your way through, although some Splicer Gauntlet upgrades can make your infiltration easier.

You'll then need to take on the boss, which in this first instance is a large Wyvern.

Again, defeating champions will drop Data Spikes, which can be deposited just like in the first step.

Once the boss is defeated, you'll be able to open a special chest with your Splicer Gauntlet - provided it has been powered up in your Quests menu.

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