Destiny 2 Loot Cave: Beyond Light Adds New Loot Cave To Cosmodrome

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Destiny 2's latest expansion, Beyond Light, marks the beginning of the Destiny Content Vault which means older content is cycled out of the game.

It also allows Bungie to re-add content, and the developer has wisely kicked off the initiative by bringing back Destiny 1's opening area, The Cosmodrome.


While the team has tweaked the general sandbox to allow it to fit into Destiny 2, they've been very accurate in one way in particular – the loot cave is back.

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Destiny 2 Loot Cave: Beyond Light Adds New Loot Cave To Cosmodrome

As noted by u/imMilk13 on the Raid Secrets subreddit, there's a fresh version of Destiny 1's most famous glitch.


Check out the video below.

For those that weren't around in the halcyon days of Destiny 1's initial launch in 2014, the loot cave was exactly what it sounds like – an area where enemies would spawn and players could kill them and grab almost guaranteed loot.

Bungie naturally patched the exploit, but players were standing for hours firing at the cave.


Of course, this loot cave is likely to suffer the same fate once Bungie releases a hotfix, but for now, it's a fun (unintended) throwback.

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