Destiny 2 Beyond Light Exotics: All The New Weapons And Armour

Beyond Light, as with other Destiny 2 expansions, will add a wealth of new gear to chase, and a new trailer has revealed exactly what new toys we're going to be able to play with.

Check out our full rundown below!

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Exotics: All The New Weapons And Armour

Check out the new trailer below:


No Time To Explain

This weapon is dubbed a "Personal Protection Portal", and looks as though it creates a floating orb that fires on enemies.


This new sniper rifle causes lightning on precision hits, which chains to nearby enemies for massive damage.

The Lament

An exotic sword with chainsaw-like teeth, this will carve through barrier shields.

Icefall Mantle

Fed up of using your Titan barrier? This exotic swaps it for an overshield, and looks like it'll be a great way to change up your playstyle.

Mask of Bakris

This spooky-looking mask allows for Hunters to use a shift, just like Warlocks can, and it replaces their dodge. Honestly, this looks so cool I might start playing a Hunter.

Athrys's Embrace

This "weighted knife" allows Hunters to pull off insane trick shots with their throwable, bouncing the blade around corners.

Dawn Chorus

Don't worry Warlocks, you've not been left behind. This helmet offers improved burns and Daybreak damage, meaning you can burn right through enemies.

Necrotic Grip

Another one for the Warlock crowd, this will allow your Guardian's melee attack to spread poison - almost like a Thorn in your hand. It looks like it goes off in waves, too.

Precious Scars

One for Titans, this will create a shielding aura upon reviving a teammate, which could be super helpful for tougher Nightfall runs.

Salvation's Grip

This weapon flings Stasis Projectiles at enemies, locking them in place and dealing damage.


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