Destiny 2 - How to unlock weapon patterns

destiny 2 weapon patterns
Credit: Bungie

destiny 2 weapon patterns
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 has many options for players to grind for a perfect weapon god roll. If you don't know what a god roll is, it's essentially the ideal combination of perks that will best suit a specific archetype.

Whether you're looking for a weapon to dominate PvP or try high-end PvE content like GM Nightfalls, dungeons, or raids, a god roll is often a must if you want to tryhard in Destiny 2.

There is one way to mitigate the randomness of a roll, and that's by finding weapon patterns and crafting the exact gun you want yourself.

Introduced with The Witch Queen, weapon crafting became a powerful tool for Destiny 2 players to make their grind more focused and less, well, grindy. The best thing about weapon crafting is that those guns you craft will get access to powered-up versions of different traits and perks.

To become a master gunsmith yourself and leave Banshee-44 jobless, you need one thing: weapon patterns. So, how do you get these?

How to earn weapon patterns in Destiny 2

weapon crafting destiny 2
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Credit: Bungie
Crafting was introduced with The Witch Queen

Weapon patterns can be acquired by accumulating a certain amount of red border weapons. Let's say you're trying to craft a Dimensional Hypotrochoid grenade launcher, one of the new craftable weapons that debuted with Lightfall.

To obtain that weapon pattern, you'll need to earn five red border versions of Dimensional Hypotrochoid. Earning red border weapons differs from weapon to weapon; in this example, you'll find them by grinding repeatable Lightfall campaign missions and Neomuna side quests/activities.

Once you obtain all necessary red border versions of the gun you want to craft, extract its essence by going to the weapon menu. It's that easy! Bungie streamlined the process, as previously, you needed to get a certain amount of kills, making the entire ordeal unnecessarily tedious.

One more thing to note is that not all weapon patterns require five red border weapons. Some are available with only three.

You can check all available craftable weapons and how many red border versions you need to earn its pattern via the Triumphs page. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open your Triumphs page
  • On the right side of it, look for a small Patterns and Catalysts tab
  • Here you'll find every craftable weapon in the game

There you have it! It's still a grind, but if there is a weapon you really like and that can be crafted, it might be worth going through it and taking advantage of the powered up perk selection.

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