24 Feb 2021

Destiny 2 Best Exotic Weapons: The Best Exotic Guns In 2021

Destiny 2 has come a long way since launching with a series of fairly timid exotics back in 2017.

In fact, there are now plenty of options to influence your build in all weapon slots, and we've rounded up our favourites.

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Destiny 2 Best Exotic Weapons: The Best Exotic Guns In 2021

Bad Juju

Weapon Type: KineticPulse Rifle

Bad Juju was a fan-favourite in Destiny 1, and it's arguably just as good in Destiny 2.

Its exotic perk, String of Curses, means that kills refill the magazine, increase damage, and boost Super energy based on the number of stacked curses.


Weapon Type: KineticHand Cannon

Essentially a Hand Cannon version of Destiny 1's Red Death, Crimson is a great weapon for anyone wanting to play a tanky role.

That's thanks to its "Cruel Remedy" perk that heals the wielder with kills, and refills the magazine with precision kills.

Considering it also fires a three-round burst, it's surprisingly easy to keep killing and healing.


Weapon Type: EnergyTrace Rifle

A dream for high-level PvE players, Divinity essentially debuffs enemies that are caught within sustained damage.

Not only can this disrupt Overload Champions (making it very handy for Nightfalls), but it can also damage them if they're in the area too long.

Graviton Lance

Weapon Type: EnergyPulse Rifle

Graviton Lance is a dependable exotic for many, and with the Warmind exotic overhaul it got much better, too.

Black Hole, its exotic perk, means that the second shot of each two-round burst will do more damage, and its other perk, Cosmology, causes enemies to not only explode, but send void projectiles after other enemies, too.

The Lament

Weapon Type: HeavySword

Beyond Light bought this boss-slaying sword to the masses, and it's been popular ever since.

Rev up the blade, use a few light attacks and then follow with a heavy attack to essentially kill any strike boss – and give Dungeon or Raid bosses a run for their money, too.

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The Last Word

Weapon Type: KineticHand Cannon

Sure, it's no longer as widely used as it used to be, but we still have a soft spot for The Last Word.

Offering "Fan Fire", a perk that means it can fire in full-auto, with hip-fire dealing bonus precision damage AND increasing reload speed and accuracy, it can be a godsend in PvP skirmishes where you don't have time to ADS.

Grab it from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower for a run time.


Weapon Type: EnergySMG

A dream for crowd-control scenarios where enemies swarm you, Riskrunner is an early Destiny 2 exotic that's still fun to use.

A rapid-firing SMG capable of chaining lightning between enemies, it's fun to use in plenty of situations, and it absorbs Arc damage, too.


Weapon Type: KineticHand Cannon

Destiny 1's most famous weapon that's not called Gjallarhorn, Thorn isn't quite as lethal as it was in its PvP heyday but it remains a great choice for plenty of situations.

"Mark of the Devourer" deals damage over time to enemies and kills drop Remnants, which can be collected to refill the magazine and strengthen Mark of the Devourer – making your Guardian a walking cycle of death.

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Whisper Of The Worm

Weapon Type: PowerSniper Rifle

Joining the Exotic kiosk in Season 13, this sniper rifle deals a huge amount of damage, and three precision hits will reload it instantly.

Missed a shot? No worries – the Mulligan perk has a chance to return ammo to the magazine.

In PvE, it's lethal. 


Weapon Type: PowerMachine Gun

What's deadlier than a heavy machine gun? As it turns out, adding high-powered explosive ammunition is the answer.

The perk "Pyrotoxin Rounds" makes Xenophage a dream for DPS against PvE enemies.

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