Destiny 2 Beyond Light Loot: Bungie Responds To Fan Criticism Over "Lack of Loot"

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As we reported yesterday, fans have been less than impressed with the amount of new loot that has been cycled into the game – or more specifically, the lack therof.

Fans noted that Bungie had removed over 75% of the Legendary weapons in the game, but the developer has now responded via the game's subreddit.


Bungie's community manager dmg04 has responded to suggestions that the issues could be swept under the rug, assuring fans that criticism is being heard and explaining that "the team has been reading through your thoughts."

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Bungie Responds To Beyond Light Loot Controversy

"We definitely understand the comparison to previous releases, and even the amount of weapons that were recently phased out through the max power cap," wrote dmg04. "The team is looking to make the weapons you earn exciting, and they're already looking at loot for future seasons," the response says.


Dmg04 also noted that "feedback is definitely heard" regarding the use of Stasis in PvP content, something rumoured to have caused a two-week delay for Trials of Osiris.

It was also noted that "the team is looking to make the weapons you earn exciting, and they're already looking at loot for future seasons", but given that these are likely to require another seasonal pass, it's a tough pill for the community to swallow at present.

u/PlentifulOrgans responded to Dmg04 and noted that sunsetting weapons in non-vaulted destinations, specifically the Dreaming City and the Moon has made those locations feel worthless.

"Definitely bringing this feedback to the team. The loss of Forsaken/Shadowkeep loot is felt," Dmg04 explained.


No matter how many expansions pass, it feels like these kinds of missteps are "part and parcel" of a live service game like Destiny 2, but we're hopeful that Bungie can make changes.

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