Destiny 2 Beyond Light Cuts Over 75% Of Legendary Weapons, Fans Reveal

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Beyond Light is here, ushering in a new era of Destiny 2 – but fans are less than pleased with the amount of content.

The Destiny subreddit is full of fans decrying Bungie's decision to "sunset" weapons, essentially making them unviable for future content.


u/IceFire909 crunched the numbers, calculating that just over 75% of the game's Legendary weapons have been removed from the game, with Beyond Light only adding in just under 6% towards the total.

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Destiny 2 Fans Are Unhappy With The Legendary Weapon Collection Being Cut Down

Back in July, I wrote about how sunsetting weapons makes little sense.


"If we end up essentially having everything we've collected being useless for much of the content to come, that'll feel punitive to those that have stuck by Bungie's scattershot content schedule and quality. Some of the weapons that'll no longer be effective took dozens of hours to earn, lest we forget."

"Of course, if Beyond Light introduces an incredible array of weapons to chase, then you can count us back in. I also appreciate that balancing all of these weapons for PvE, PvP, or Gambit is an impossible task."

"There just has to be a better way, even if it's a way to re-roll weapons to get a new set of perks, or a way to infuse a current weapon above its power ceiling with another weapon of the same kind."

As it turns out, the community's worst fears have been realised as there is no other way. While exotic weapons can be retrieved from collections or procured from a new kiosk, Legendary weapons are no longer needed.


As u/YeezyReddit explains, the 5.9% of new weapons that were added actually includes weapons that have been reprised, as well as Trials variants of weapons, and weapons that are part of Season 12.

u/TrueGuardian15 arguably hits the nail on the head:

"We were told certain armor sets would sunset, like Knight Errant. But what did I discover today? It's still in the game! But if I want that armor I gotta grind for it, again!"

"It was exactly what we were afraid it was gonna be. They want us to run on the grind treadmill when there's nothing worth chasing. It was a lie in order to keep us playing on their terms, plain and simple."


I can't bring myself to dismantle some of my favourite Legendary weapons yet, so am keeping everything crossed that Bungie will issue some kind of fix or find some kind of compromise.

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