Destiny 2 Beyond Light Aspect of Control Guide

Destiny 2 Beyond Light finally introduced Guardians to the power of Darkness.

Now, much like their other abilities, the cold power of Stasis can be wielded in a weapon, the Salvation’s Grip.

With that Power weapon unlocked, it’s time to go and complete a new quest, Aspect of Control.

Here’s our full guide!

Our Aspect of Control Guide

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve finished Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s story.

You probably already have if you’re using this guide, but just in case!

First off you’ll want to fly over to Europa, the moon added in Beyond Light.

Then using the Salvation’s Grip, you’ll have to find and destroy 5 Entropic Shards.

There are 9 in total throughout Europa, and will all need to be destroyed for a separate Triumph so It’s worth getting them all out of the way!

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This YouTube video from Ninja Pups can show you where to find all the shards!

Once you’ve destroyed 5, or all 9, you’ll be done with the Aspect of Control quest.

Be sure to check out our other guides if you need a hand!

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