Destiny 2 Entropic Shards: ALL 9 Europa Entropic Shard Locations, Aspect of Destruction Guide

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After months of waiting, Beyond Light is finally here, and many of us here are loving it!

The full-arrival of the Darkness has been highly anticipated, and with a whole host of new quests and content to play, you’ll want to know to quickly complete challenges so you can progress further with your adventure.


So if you’re looking for all five of the Entropic Shards, check down below, and be sure to read our other Beyond Light guides too!

Why do I need to find Entropic Shards?

If you’re asking this question, you likely haven’t progressed fair enough into Beyond Light’s campaign.

Once you’ve finished it (no spoilers here, don’t worry), head over to see Drifter.


It may look like a bug, but it packs a punch!

This will unlock a rather long quest which will have you eventually unlock Salvation’s Grip, a new exotic weapon.

With this weapon in hand, you’ll then be tasked with blowing up shards of Darkness, Entropic Shards.

So until then, don’t worry about this shards, but come back when that quest unlocks!


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Where to Find Entropic Shards

All in all, there are Nine entropic shards hidden across Europa.

As well as finding them for the quest, you’ll also be able to earn the Studying Darkness triumph.


Earning this triumph will move you one step closer towards earning the Splintered title this season!

Here you can see a fantastic video from Ninja Pups on YouTube showing you where the shards can all be found

As you can see, they are pretty well spread out but you should have no trouble, at least as long as you are at 1200 Light Level!


We hope this guide helped you, check out our others if you need more help in Beyond Light.