Destiny 2 Best Cabal Farm Locations

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Credit: Destiny 2

The Cabal are an elite warrior race Destiny 2. Although they're not the brightest of the lot, they do fight with honor.

The Cabal race was at its peak when Emperor Calus was at the helm. However, after his demise, the Cabal lost some of their footing, eventually entering into a truce with the Vanguard after Empress Caitl's plans were thawrted.


Despite the truce, we can still get out fair share of Cabal kills in Destiny 2. So here's where you find them.

Where to Find Cabal in Destiny 2?

The Cabal aren't all over the place in Destiny 2. There was a time when they were everywhere. In fact you could also head into the Leviathan raid in order to get your Cabal kill fill.

But that raid has been vaulted for now, and there are only a few places where you can find the Cabal in Destiny 2.


If you want a steady dose of these red hippos, head over to Nessus and you'll be able to find them in hoards. Read on for a detailed information on where to find and kill Cabal in Destiny 2.

What is the Best Strike To Farm Cabal Kills In Destiny 2?

There are a couple of strikes where you could actually get your hands on a good number of Cabal warriors. The Insight Terminus happens to be one of them. The other one happens to be the Arms Dealer.


Interestingly enough, there's a third strike called Proving Grounds. This strike has Cabal enemies only. So if you've got any Cabal related bounties, this strike will actually be very helpful.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Cabal On Nessus?

The easiest way to find the Cabal on Nessus is by making your way to the Cistern. This place can be directly accessed from the director.

Once you've landed here, you'll be able to notice a hoard of Cabal enemies that spawn at regular intervals. All you need to do is aim at the right place.


Where Is The Best Place To Farm Cabal On EDZ?

The EDZ is a really mysterious place. And it's crawling with a lot of enemies. From the Taken to the Fallen, everyone seems to have taken an active interest in this place.

That being said, there are a couple of places where you can find the Cabal here. A higher population of the Cabal can be found at Firebase Hades. Alternatively, you can land right in front of Devrim Kay, and you'll find a lot of Cabal roaming around here as well.

Just be careful of those massive balls that keep dropping from the sky for no reason whatsoever.


Where Is The Best Place To Farm Cabal On Tangled Shore?

When it comes to the Tangled Shore, you need to make your way to Sorik's Cut. This place has a steady supply of Cabal. And these red hippos are apparently trying to dig something.

Sometimes it's easy to confuse this warrior class for a mining class, given that they love mining god knows what so much!

And that's it. These are all the places where you can actually find the Cabal in Destiny 2. Hope you have a nice time using them for target practice Guardian! Good luck.


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