Death’s Door: How to Beat the Black Iron Knight at the Urn Witch’s Estate

The knight in a suit of black iron who attacks you at the Estate of the Urn Witch in Death’s Door is a surprisingly tough mini-boss fight, able to devastate the player in a sequence of powerful mace attacks. We’ll show you how to beat the Black Iron Knight in our guide below, with some basic tips and strategy.

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How to Beat the Black Iron Knight in Death’s Door

To beat the Black Iron Knight mini-boss in Death’s Door, players will need to be extremely careful and keep their distance. The Knight has one attack - the mace - but it can hit in a sequence of rapid strikes that can easily take down a player’s health bar quickly. We’ll show you what you need to know with some basic advice below.

The Black Iron Knight attacks the player in Death's Door
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Tips and Strategy

  • The Knight’s entrance to the arena, jumping down from the higher platform, always causes area-of-effect damage centred on the mace, which they slam into the ground. Keep away from that impact zone - that first jump will always take it to the very same spot, so it’s not hard to predict.
  • From that point on, the Knight will bring the mace down in overhead strikes if the player is close enough. They tend to do it in patterns of three, always swivelling to hit where the player is. You need to keep rolling and dodging until those three strikes are up. Afterwards there will be a pause where you can attack.
  • If you’re out of reach, the Knight will jump and do another smash-attack like the one they enter the arena with to try and hit you. Roll out of the way if it does.
  • Generally, the best strategy is to rely on the bow where you can and make use of the fact that the Knight has no real ranged ability. Stay out of its way, fire your shots, then cautiously get some melee hits between the knight’s attacks to refill your magic and back away to use the bow again.

Once you beat it, you’ll be able to progress through the ironically-named Garden of Life, where you’ll have to fight waves of enemies to make it to the Urn Witch’s own home.

Of course, if you’re looking for more details on Death’s Door’s most powerful enemies, find out how to beat the Guardian of the Door, or how to beat the Demonic Forest Spirit here.

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