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Death’s Door: Guardian of the Door Boss Fight Guide

The second major boss fight of Death’s Door is a huge sentient castle in the Forgotten Graveyard known as the Guardian of the Door, which uses powerful strikes and ranged attacks to seriously damage the player. We’ll show you how to beat the Guardian of the Door boss fight in our guide below, including tips, strategies and tactics.

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How to Beat the Guardian of the Door Boss Fight in Death’s Door

To beat the Guardian of the Door boss fight in Death’s Door, players need to pick their moment. As opposed to the previous boss fight, where the Forest Spirit had very exploitable attack patterns, the Guardian of the Door uses more general attacks where you have to just take whatever opportunities you have.

How to Find and Get to the Guardian of the Door

The Guardian of the Door is at the end of the Forgotten Graveyard. However, the confusing layout, similar environments and opening up of shortcuts means it can be confusing to get back to this boss if you’re killed and have to restart from the checkpoint. Not to worry, we’ve laid it out (on the assumption you’ve opened the obvious levers and checkpoints along the way).

Route to Guardian of the Door in Death's Door
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  1. From the Forgotten Graveyard starting Door, head to the top-right.
  2. From there you’ll reach a crossroads. Head to the bottom right.
  3. You should see a sign directing you towards "The Summit".
  4. You’ll see a staircase going up. Follow it past the lever and keep going in that direction until you reach the arena with the Guardian of the Door.

Guardian of the Door Attack Patterns

The Guardian of the Door’s attacks are a bit more chaotic and unpredictable than you’ll be used to, but they can be anticipated and accommodated for. We’ve laid out all its attacks below so you’ll know how to work against them.

Turret Stamp and Spin

Guardian of the Door does a spin attack in Death's Door
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The Guardian lifts one of the turrets/towers that make up its “arms” and slams it into the ground for a small area-of-effect shockwave attack. It then immediately spins around in a circle, dragging the turret along the ground to try and hit the player. It’ll either spin 180 degrees, or do a full circle. You can tell how much it’ll spin by how long it takes to lift the turret for the initial stamp; if it’s a shorter period, it’s just a half-turn. If it takes a second, it’ll make a full spin.


Flight and Landing

The Guardian of the Door floats in Death's Door
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This one the Guardian does a lot, levitating up into the air where it can’t be hit, moving to a new location, and landing with a short-range shockwave. Simply make sure never to be underneath it while it’s moving, then come in for a quick strike after it lands.


Laser Beam

The Guardian of the Door uses a laser beam attack in Death's Door
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The Guardian moves to the top-right side of the arena and a targeting icon appears on the ground, following the player around the battlefield. A couple of seconds after appearing, a powerful laser emits from the Guardian and follows the reticle even as it continues to move. As tempting as it is to get in close and get some melee attacks, we found the reticle moves faster as you get closer to the Guardian - if you’re close enough to hit the Guardian with a sword, you’re almost guaranteed to get hurt. Keep your distance and if you have a moment to attack, use the bow.



The Guardian of the Door fires missiles in Death's Door
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Similarly to the laser beam, the Guardian moves to the back corner and its back opens up. This time numerous stationary reticles appear on the ground marking areas about to be hit by Missiles in a couple of seconds. Move around to avoid them, but keep in mind that this attack gives you more freedom to hit the Guardian, especially with the bow. However, once you’ve done enough damage to it, the Missiles will just fire permanently, even while the Guardian is doing other attacks. You’ll need to be very careful about where you’re standing.

Guardian of the Door Tips and Strategy

The Guardian of the Door has a lot more health than the Forest Spirit before it, so this fight can go on for a while. Here’s some pointers on how to beat the Guardian boss fight so you can form a full strategy.

  • At this point you’ll have likely earned enough Souls to buy an upgrade back at the hub before going into the fight. We recommend grabbing either a Sword or Evasion buff, but any of them can help you here.
  • Like before, use the bow when you can, then leap in to hit with the sword to refill the arrows when you have the chance.
  • The heavy attack you can do coming out of a dodge-roll is really good in this boss fight, as it allows you to stay evasive while doing major hits. Use it whenever you can.
  • Keep watching the Turrets on its sides. The spinning attack is the hardest one to see coming, hinted at only when it lifts one tower “arm”.

Keep working at it, and eventually you’ll beat this powerful boss. Of course, if you’re looking for more details on Death’s Door, check out our guide on how to beat the Demonic Forest Spirit, or go see how to heal and restore your health with special Life Seeds.

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