Death’s Door: Demonic Forest Spirit Boss Fight Guide

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The Demonic Forest Spirit is the first boss and enemy you’ll fight in Death’s Door as part of the tutorial, a giant, dressy-looking creature with four long vines extended out from it. With no combat experience, it can be a little hard to defeat, so we’ll show you how to beat the Demonic Forest Spirit boss fight in our guide below.

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How to Beat the Demonic Forest Spirit Boss Fight in Death’s Door

To beat the Demonic Forest Spirit in Death’s Door, players have to constantly focus their attacks on the central body, while avoiding the dangerous vines/tentacles that circle around and lash out in a variety of attacks. Because you only have four health points and can’t get them back mid-combat, you’ll need to play cautiously - a good lesson to learn for Death’s Door overall.

Demonic Forest Spirit Attack Patterns

The Demonic Forest Spirit has multiple attacks that all make use of its lashing vines in some way or another. Each one has a clear pattern to it and can be avoided if you know the right response. We’ll lay out each one below.


Vine Strikes

Demonic Forest Spirit attacks with vines in Death's Door

The vines extend to the edge of the arena, then rise up and land on the ground while the Spirit slowly turns. They always do this in opposite pairs - so if one rises up, the one on the opposite side of it will do the same. Then the other two will have their turn. To avoid these, simply keep as much distance as possible from whichever vines are rising, and use the roll to dodge out of their way if you find yourself too close.

Spin Attack

Demonic Forest Spirit spin attacks in Death's Door

After Vine Strikes, the Forest Spirit nearly always follows that up with a Spin Attack. Here it extends all vines on the ground to the edge of the arena, essentially locking the player into a certain quarter of the battlefield. Then it spins in a circle. To avoid it, keep moving with the vines, and stay close-ish to the body so you don’t have as far to run.

Bouncing Charge

Demonic Forest Spirit charges at the player in Death's Door

Here the Demonic Forest Spirit curls all its tendrils around itself, then begins to charge around the arena, bouncing off the walls to new directions. This is probably the easiest attack to deal with - its movements are slow enough that you can see it coming, you can roll out of the way, and when it bounces it tends to match its trajectory rather than come back towards the player. Don't try hitting it with your sword, but now's a good time for some arrow shots.


Standing Projectiles

Demonic Forest Spirit shoots projectiles while standing in Death's Door

Finally, the Demonic Forest Spirit actually stands up in the air on two vines, then begins to shoot explosives at the player. The important thing here is to keep moving - the explosives have a short-range area of effect, and are always headed for wherever you were standing when fired. You can’t hurt the Spirit while it’s standing like this, so attack the two vines it's standing on. Once you do three hits on each vine, it’ll collapse to the ground and be briefly staggered, leaving it open to attacks.

Demonic Forest Spirit Tips and Strategy

Knowing how to avoid individual attacks is important, but you also need to know how to damage it in return and last to the end of the battle. Here’s some basic tips and essentials to know so you can form a strategy.

  • Play cautiously! We mentioned it before, but you’ll die after four hits and won’t get health back during the battle. It’s better to avoid attacks then take damage, especially considering that the Demonic Forest Spirit has a lot more health than you.
  • Speaking of health, you can tell how damaged the Forest Spirit is by the pink cracks that appear across its body. Early on it’ll have few or none of these, but you can see them increase as you hurt it more and more.
  • The vines don’t take damage. Your priority should be attacking the central body.
  • Your bow has four shots in it, but you can get one back each time you hit the Spirit with a sword attack. Use arrows when you can - it’ll make it easier to avoid the vines - then go in for some quick sword strikes to refill your arrows and back away again.

After a challenge like that, are you looking to boost your survivability? You can find out how to heal and restore hit points in our guide to keep you safe!