Death’s Door: How to Heal and Restore Health

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Death’s Door is big on challenge, with dangerous enemies and very little chance to look after yourself and get your health back. We’ll show you how to heal and restore health in Death’s door, as well as the nuances and how you can stay healthy during boss fights and danger.

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How to Heal Yourself and Restore Health in Death’s Door

You can heal and restore health in Death’s Door by finding Life Seeds. These small items are found hidden around the game, looking like small brown spheres with green cracks running through them. Once you have one, it doesn’t restore your health immediately. Instead, you can find Green Pots full of soil. Place one in any Pot, and it’ll grow instantly into a plant that gives you Soul Fruit, restoring your health to its maximum amount when you interact with it.

Player finds Life Seed in Death's Door

Not only that, but there’s a further benefit. Once you’ve used a Green Pot in this way, what will be left is a withered plant with no fruit. However, if you die at any point and return to the Pot after restoring a checkpoint, the flower will have bloomed and produced another Soul Fruit to use, without needing a second Life Seed. This means that a single Seed can make a Pot a permanent source of health regeneration in every attempt at a level. However, it also means that you need to think about where you want to put the Seeds you have - don’t place them anywhere, think about where you’re most likely to need them in future runs.


Where to Find Life Seeds and Green Pots

Life Seeds are spread around the game world, usually in dead-end paths that require you to look in not-so-obvious places, or often beneath breakable wooden crates. They’re usually a reward for exploration, rather than just given to you at key moments.

Player plants a Life Seed in a Green Pot in Death's Door

Meanwhile, Green Pots are usually found in key areas - checkpoints, crossroads, before or during boss fights or dangerous locations. You’re much more likely to just find these during your travels, but without Life Seeds, they’ll be useless to you. That being said, there’s nothing in the game that’s insurmountable even with no Life Seeds, it just makes it a lot easier to have them.


That being said, if you comb the game fully, you'll actually find 50 Life Seeds in total, along with 50 Green Pots. If you plant all of them, you'll actually unlock a key phase of Death's Door's secret ending, which we've laid out the full details of how to achieve (spoiler-free).

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